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CLAB05/HISB10: History and Culture of the Greek World

Quick Reference

Horses. Bath, UK (Rick Payette, Flickr)

Searching the Catalogue

Searching for books is similar to searching for journal articles, except for WHERE you search.

Search for books in the library catalogue.

Use the same method - combine keywords using AND, OR, NOT. For example, here's a search for anything about Rome and Greece in the library catalogue. You can also click on "Advanced Search" to get a multi-field search screen.



Here are the results of the search:

Catalogue results screen shot


When you find a book that you like, check that it is IN and record the CALL NUMBER to find it in the library (see image below).

Note the subject list on the left. Click 'view more' to see what aspects of Greece and Rome are covered within all the books.

Also note that there are 2,575 items at U of T libraries - 307 are at UTSC and 314 are e-books. To ONLY see books at UTSC, click on "UofT at Scarborough".

However, don't dismiss books at other libraries! You can request them easily. This book is at three different libraries. Click on request:

On the next screen, you will be asked to enter your barcode number and PIN. Choose intercampus delivery, select Scarborough, and enter an email address that you check frequently - you'll get an email when the book arrives. NOTE: Make sure that you order the book AT LEAST 3 business days (preferably a week) before you need it.