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WSTC40 Gender and Disability

This guide will help you to find the resources needed to complete your research assignments.


Statistics & Data

For access to more stats and data, check out the UofT Map & Data Library.

Evaluating Statistics & Data

Consider these factors when evaluating statistical data: 

  • Authority--Who is the author? What are the author's qualifications? What is the author's affiliation?
  • Date--What is the date range of the data? Is it historical or current? 
  • Purpose--What type of publication are the data published? Who is the intended audience? Is the data clearly represented?
  • Content--Are the statistics accurate? Can they be verified? Are there biases in the data? 
  • Coverage--Is the coverage complete? What is the population, or sample size, of the study?
  • Presentation--Has the data been repackaged? For example, government data published by a private source might not be as complete as the original study. 
  • Data Source--Is the data from a primary? If the data are from a secondary source, has it been properly documented so you can find the primary source?

Adapted from Modesto Junior College Library.

News Sources