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Research Guides

3D Printing @ Gerstein + MADLab: How-To Vids

Everything you need to know about the Gerstein Science Information Centre's 3D printers in the MADLab

How To... Level the Build Plate

How To... Learn more about 3D Printing Design Elements

How To... Prepare your Design File in MakerBot Desktop

How To... Learn about Next Level 3D Printing

Watch Toronto's resident 3D Printing expert, Derek Quenneville, show off objects and design elements created by 3D printers more powerful than our own Makerbot Replicator 2s. 

How To... Use MakerBot Print

How To... Use the Digitizer 3D Scanner

How to... Change the World with 3D Printing

Watch the inspiring videos below to see how 3D printing is changing lives with patience, spirit, and a desktop 3D printer. 

Think Critically about Making

How can higher education productively contribute to the move from users to makers? What systems, methods, understandings are necessary for us to play an active role? And why should higher education participate in these developments?