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3D Printing @ Gerstein + MADLab: Policies & Procedures

Everything you need to know about the Gerstein Science Information Centre's 3D printers in the MADLab

3D Printing @ Gerstein + MADLab Policies & Procedures

Please read the following procedures and policies carefully and closely.

You can download a print copy of the procedures below. 

  1. Reserving printers

Reservations can be made during the MADLab’s open hours for a minimum of 30 minutes and a maximum of 4 hours. Reservations need to be made 2 business days in advance up to a maximum of 12 hours total per week.

Users are advised to plan their reservation time based on the expected length of print as estimated by Makerbot Desktop or other 3D printing software.

Print jobs must not exceed the duration of the reservation. Reservation time should not include time allocated to design. Users should come to their reservation with their design completed and ready to print. 

All reservations must be approved by 3D Printing @ Gerstein + MADLab staff to ensure that only certified users reserve time on the printers.

Certified users may reserve time on the 3D printer via the group study room booking software here

  1. Accessing the MADLab

To access the MADLab, users must bring their reservation confirmation and proof of identification to the loan services desk at the time of the reservation. The loan services desk provides a key waiver for the user to sign and signs out a key fob to the user for the duration of the reservation. Users must return the key fob to the loan services desk at the end of their reservation or risk incurring fines.

  1. Pricing and fees

Payment for printing must be made at a cost of $1.50 + HST per 30 minutes of reservation time. Payment must be provided before users gain access to the MADLab. Printing charges apply regardless of the success of the print.

Please note: Starting July 4, 2016, we will no longer be accepting cash payments. Payments will be accepted via credit or debit only. 

      4.    Who can print? 

3D Printing @ Gerstein + MADLab is available to all staff, faculty, and students who hold a valid University of Toronto T-card.  

Users must obtain certification to operate 3D printers by:

  • Passing a 3D printing knowledge test
  • Attending a safety and training session in the MADLab
  • Signing safety and liability waivers

Users are required to:

  • Access the printers only through the approved reservation and key sign-out procedures 
  • Be responsible for their own designs and the success of their print jobs 
  • Be present in the MADLab at the time of printing and for the duration of the print job
  • Maintain accurate logs of print jobs in the Gerstein MADLab printing log
  • Reimburse the library for any damage to or loss of library equipment or facilities 
  • Return the MADLab key fob to the loan desk at the end of the reservation
  • Abide by the University of Toronto Libraries’ rules and regulations regarding the use of the printer
  • Abide by the MADLab's rules and regulations regarding use of the MADLab facilities

Full replacement or repair cost will be charged for lost or damaged equipment.

A $15.00 charge will apply for a lost or non-returned key fob.

   5.    Printing policy

Users must sign a waiver agreeing to follow the University of Toronto Libraries’ rules and regulations regarding the use of the printer, and abide to the following:

  • There must be no printing of weapons, obscene materials, and other materials that violate the Library’s Conduct Regulations (

  • There must be no infringement of any person’s intellectual property rights, such as copyright, when using the printer to create a work

  • Print jobs must not exceed the duration of the reservation

  • Users are responsible for their own designs, and printing charges will apply regardless of the success of the print

   6.    Safety regulations

Users must attend a safety and training session in the MADLab and sign safety and liability waivers upon completion of training. The waivers confirm users’ awareness that using the printer may result in risk of personal injury or harm.

Users further agree to abide by the following safety training instructions, and all other safety instructions received from Gerstein Library or MADLab personnel:

  • The extrusion print heads are extremely hot during operation (~230 °C) and while cooling down after operation. Never touch the extrusion print heads and always assume the print heads are hot.

  • There are multiple moving parts. Always assume the instrument is under operation before attempting to install or remove any printer component or 3D printed objects. Do not attempt to install or remove components/objects from the instrument until you have verified it is not in use. 

  • Tie back any long hair or baggy clothing.

  • Do not attempt to make any mechanical adjustments while the printer is in operation. Additionally, if the instrument locks up or gets “jammed” during the operation, do not attempt to manually move any parts of the instrument.

  • When removing an object from the print board with the scraper tool, always scrape away from the body. Keep hands clear of the scraper for safety.

There is a First Aid Kit available on hand for minor cuts and injuries.  

Supplementary Materials Available in the MADLab

- four (4) 2G SD cards
- three (3) scrapers
- lubricant
- 3M painter’s tape
- sandpaper
- scissors
- small reference collection of print books related to 3D printing
- first aid kit