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RLG326H5 Early Christianity and Rabbinic Judaism

A guide to help students with their research and assignments.

Religion Databases

Tips for Database Searching

To find relevant articles and information in a database depends on your ability to construct a search.

Successful searching depends on Boolean Searching (Using And and OR) and Truncation (Word variations). 


You probably know how to do this already. However, just to make sure everyone is aware of these tips, here are two tutorials to make sure.

Library of Congress Subject Headings

What are subject headings?

  • Library of Congress subject headings are the vocabulary by which librarians describe and organize items in the collection
  • Subject headings may be different from the natural language used to describe topics:
Natural language Library of Congress subject headings
Rights of women in Israel > Women's rights Israel
A history of women's social conditions > Women--social conditions--history
Feminist movements in the Middle East > Feminism Arab countries

To find relevant subject headings to your topic

  • Select subject from the drop-down menu
  • Work your way down the list of results, and click on a link to view titles tagged under that subject heading