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BIO476H5: Molecular Basis of Disease


Refworks allows you to...

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  • Insert Citations into a document
  • Generate a bibliography

Finding Journal Abbreviations

Cell Citation Style

Example for journal article:

Authors, (year). Title. Journal. Volume, Page Numbers

Falcioni, R., Antonini, A., Nistico, P., Di Stefano, S., Crescenzi, M., Natali, P.G., and Sacchi, A. (1997). a6b4 anda6b1 integrins associate with ErbB-2 in human carcinoma cell lines. Exp. Cell Res. 236, 76–85.

Example for website:, (2014). Prescription Drug Abuse Statistics - Overdoses & Deaths - Drug-Free World.

Example for online photo:

Flickr, (2014). Chemoluminescent reaction.

In text citations: (author surname, Year Publish)  Example:  (Flickr, 2014)

**note:  List no more than 10 authors in an article. If more than 10. list the first 10 and represent others by et al.


In text example for journals:

Studies of in vitro models suggest that the a6b4 integrin—a component of hemidesmosomes—contributes to oncogenesis by sustaining RTK signaling. b4 integrin signaling proceeds through Src family kinase (SFK) mediated phosphorylation of the cytoplasmic domain of b4, recruitment of Shc, and activation of Ras and PI-3K (Mainiero et al., 1997; Shaw et al., 1997). In spite of this body of work, the hypothesis that a6b4 has a protumorigenic function remains controversial. Expression of wild-type, but not signaling defective, b4 activates p53 and induces cell-cycle arrest and apoptosis in rectal carcinoma cells (Bachelder and Mercurio, 1999). 


Cell Citation Style Guide