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CLA230H5: Introduction to Greek History

A guide to support student assignments in CLA230H5 on the UTM campus.

Searching for Books

Search by the Title of the book, using the "TITLE" field. You may find this information in bibliographies or  lists at the end of entries in reference sources.


If you wish to search for a TOPIC, use the "Anywhere" field. The subject field uses 'official subject headings' and you may not be familiar with them.


Click on the hyperlinked title for details


This screen shows you where you can find the book across the library system. To request a book from another library, choose the "Options" button, then select "Request." 


Catalogue Search Box

Use Bibliographies!

Reference sources may contain citations to repositories of papers or other primary material. Look under the Background Information tab.

Bibliographies in scholarly books often arrange sources consulted by type. The language may vary but the arrangement is clear - primary and secondary, published and unpublished, manuscripts, letters, papers, archives, etc.

Footnotes in books and journal articles may refer to contemporary publications or other primary materials.

Online Books Collections

 These collections provide access to fulltext academic books.