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ANTA01: Becoming Human

Fall 2017

Journal vs Article

A JOURNAL is a collection of different documents (e.g., articles, letters to the editors, reviews, etc.) on a particular subject area 

An ARTICLE is one kind of document found in journals. 

How do I know if an article is from a peer reviewed journal?

Q: How do I know if an article is from a peer reviewed journal?
A: This 3 minute video describes three ways to answer this question.

  1. Use the features of  the database in which you find the article. This varies from database to database and you will have to experiment.
  2. Ulrich's Periodical Directory will tell you if the journal is peer reviewed. (Since this video was made, the route to Ulrich's has changed but the method remains the same.)
  3. Read the editorial material in an issue of a journal or on a journal's web page, usually under a heading such as 'instructions to authors' or similar.

Is Your Journal Article from a Peer Reviewed Journal?

How do you know if the articles in a journal are peer reviewed? Some databases allow you to limit to peer reviewed articles. For other databases, you need to look up the title of the journal in Ulrich's Periodical Directory.

Ulrich's Periodical Directory is a tool that allows you to check if the journal in which an article is published is peer-reviewed. 

 1. Find the Journal Title for your article. 

      In the citation below - Prevention Science is the Journal Title. 

Citation with Journal title highlighted



2. Open the directory :  Ulrich's.


3. Type the JOURNAL TITLE (not the article title) into the search box, and click the green search button.


4. In the search results, look for a referee jersey icon to indicate that a journal is refereed. Referred is a synonym for peer reviewed. 


5. Or you can click on a journal to see the full record. If it says Refereed Yes, then you know the journal (and the articles published in it) are refereed/peer-reviewed. Note: Only research articles are peer-reviewed. Things like letters to the editor, opinion pieces, book reviews, etc. are not peer-reviewed even though they are published in a peer-reviewed journal.