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ANTA01: Becoming Human

Fall 2017

Web Resources

Guidelines for Using Internet Sources

Notes on using the Internet to research your paper: 

The Internet can be a tremendous resource for the easy location of information on a huge range of topics.  However, it is very important to remember that there is no quality control whatsoever about what is made into a web page.  This contrasts with the many levels of evaluation that occur before any book or article is published. 

When using the Internet, it is important to be very critical of the source of particular assertions. 

  • Who is the author of the web page you are using? 
  • Is he or she an academic, a student, or a crank? 
  • Is the information properly cited? 
  • Are the citations to reputable sources (e.g., refereed publications), or questionable sources (e.g., other web pages)?

In other words BUYER BEWARE.  If you rely on a website as a key reference to your paper, and the information it contains is incorrect or out of date, it will hurt your essay grade.  In general I would recommend that you use web pages only as starting points to provide you with places to look for more conventional reference sources.