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RLG351H5 UTM Themes in the Study of the Quran

A guide to support students with assignments in the course

Religion Databases

These databases include both scholarly and peer reviewed journals. You can search by keyword, author, title etc.

Tips for Database Searching

To find relevant articles and information in a database depends on your ability to construct a search.
Successful searching depends on Boolean Searching (Using And and OR) and Truncation (Word variations).  DON'T PANIC at these terms, your probably know how to do this already. However, just to make sure everyone is aware of these tips, here are two tutorials to make sure.

Is it Peer Reviewed?

You may find journal articles and be uncertain if the journal is 'peer reviewed'. Check this source to find out more about your journal.

Journals Relevant for Qur'anic Studies

When you find a citation to these journal titles you may find this list useful.

However, use the Religion Databases box to locate information if you do not have the information on a specific article.

If the electronic holdings below do not have a volume you need, please search in the UTL catalogue.

If you have any questions, please ask us.

Any journal article available at Robarts only in print can be requested as a free photocopy and is delivered to UTM Library.

Peer Review in 5 Minutes

Not sure what 'peer review' means? This video produced by NCSU libraries this video explains the process of peer review.