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Research Guides

MUN105: Global Problem-Solving

This research guide will highlight resources particularly relevant for first-year students in the Munk One program.

The Peer Review Process

As part of your classes in the Munk One program, you will be learning how to give and receive constructive feedback on your work. In addition to engaging in respectful classroom debate, you may be required to submit written feedback on the work of your classmates. Writing Commons has prepared some useful tips on preparing and receiving written feedback that you may find useful. Links to relevant sections are found below.

Providing and Receiving Feedback in Group Situations: You may be tasked with completing group work this year. This section provides some tips to providing feedback in a group.

Reflect on What You've Learned: A useful checklist of criteria to use when evaluating your own writing, but also useful for providing feedback.

Document Review: Some tips for providing feedback on others' writing.

Navigate Readers' Suggestions Wisely: Suggestions for receiving feedback.

In-class Peer Review: Tips for critiquing in-person, particularly in a classroom setting.