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Foundations and Current Issues in IR/HR (IRE 2001)

This subject guide is meant to assist students, particularly those enrolled in IRE 2001, with research papers and assignments.

Scholarly, Newspaper, Magazine Articles & Reports

Women Executives

Osler, September 8, 2016: "Diversity Disclosure Practices 2016: Women in Leadership Roles at TSX-listed Companies", by Andrew MacDougall , et. al (38 pages, PDF)

2020 Women on Boards, 2016: “Boardroom Diversity: When Women Lead” (7 pages, PDF)

Catalyst, June 7, 2016: "Gender Diversity on Boards in Canada: Recommendations for Accelerating Progress" Commissioned by the Government of Ontairo (40 pages, PDF)

Rosenzweig & Company, March 2016: 11th Annual Rosenzweig Report on Women at the Top Levels of Corporate Canada (27 pages, PDF)

Conyon, M.J. & He, Lerong (2016). Firm Performance and Boardroom Gender Diversity: A Quantile Regression Approach (33 pages, PDF). Available on SSRN.

Triana, M.C., Miller, T. & Trzebiatowski, T. (2016).  The Double-Edged Nature of Board Gender Diversity: Diversity, Firm Performance, and the Power of Women Directors as Predictors of Strategic Change. (56 pages, PDF) Available on SSRN.

McKinsey & Company, 2016: "Women in the Workplace 2016"

Randstad, 2015: "The W Factor: Women Shaping Business 2015 Study"

Conference Board of Canada, May 15, 2013: "Women in Leadership: Perceptions and Priorities for Change , report by Donna Burnett Vachon and Carrie Lavis (41 pages, PDF) 

Conference Board of Canada, 2013: "The Business Case for Women on Boards" (Commissioned by The Federal/Provincial/Territorial Ministers responsible for the Status of Women)

Deloitte, March 2013: "Women in the Boardroom: A Global Perspective" (36 pages, PDF)


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Conference Board of Canada e-Library (UofT students can sign up for an account)

2020 Women on Boards