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Foundations and Current Issues in IR/HR (IRE 2001)

This subject guide is meant to assist students, particularly those enrolled in IRE 2001, with research papers and assignments.

Books - Minimum Wage / Basic Income

Minimum Wage

Basic / Guaranteed Basic Income

Selected Books - Minimum Wage

Selected Books - Guaranteed Basic Income

Scholarly, Newspaper, Magazine Articles & Reports - Minimum Wage

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Statistics Canada, June 13, 2018: “Recent changes in the composition of minimum wage workers,” by René Morissette and Dominique Dionne-Simard

CityNews Toronto, January 10, 2018: “Minimum wage wars: U of T professor [CIRHR Director Rafael Gomez] breaks down the fallout” (4:04 minutes, video)

Maclean’s, January 5, 2018: “What’s missing in the debate over Ontario’s minimum wage,” by David Moscrop 

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives’ Behind the Numbers, January 5, 2018: “Media get it wrong on Bank of Canada minimum wage study,” by Michal Rozworski

Bank of Canada, December 2017: Staff Analytical Note/Note analytique du personnel 2017-26: The Impacts of Minimum Wage Increases on the Canadian Economy (20 pages, PDF)

Industrial Relations: A Journal of Economy and Society, October 2015 Volume 54, Issue 4 Pages 529–758: complete issue on minimum wage

The Fraser Institute, March 3, 2016: “Raising the Minimum Wage: Misguided Policy, Unintended Consequences - Report” (76 pages, PDF)

Green, D. (2015 April). The Case for Increasing the Minimum Wage What does the academic literature tell us? Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. (12 pages, PDF.)

Lopresti, John W., & Mumford, K.J. (2015). "Who benefits from a minimum wage increase?" Upjohn Institue Working Paper 15-224. Kalamazoo, MI : W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research.

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Krassa, M. & Radcliff, B. (2014). Evidence That Higher Minimum Wages Improve Economic Well-Being. Scholars Strategy Network.

Giulietti, C. (2014). Is the Minimum Wage a Pull Factor for Immigrants?

NCLS (National Conference of States Legislatures): State Minimum Wages | 2014 Minimum Wage by State

Brennan, J. & Stanford, J. (2014). Dispelling Minimum Wage Mythology: the Minimum Wage and the Impact on Jobs in Canada, 1983-2012. Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.

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Minimum Wage Advisory Panel: Report and Recommendations to the Minister of Labour (Ontario), 2014 (91 pages, PDF)

Wellesley Institute, October 2013: "Who Is Working for Minimum Wage in Ontario?", by Sheila Block. (12 pages, PDF)

Berkeley Institute for Research on Labor and Employment, July 2013: "Minimum Wage Shocks, Employment Flows and Labor Market Frictions," by Dube, A. Lester, T. & Reich, M. (63 pages, PDF)

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives – search on “minimum wage”

Center for Economic and Policy Research, February 2013: "Why Does the Minimum Wage Have No Discernible Effect on Employment?," by Schmitt, J.

The Globe and Mail, July 17, 2013: "Ontario strikes new panel on how to raise minimum wage," by Adrian Morrow

work&labour news&research, March 2013: "Boost the Minimum Wage, Boost the Economy" VS. "Want to Help the Poor? Don’t Waste Your Time With the Minimum Wage"

Journal of Labour Research, September 2012: "The (Non) Impact of Minimum Wages on Poverty: Regression and Simulation Evidence for Canada," by Campolieti, M., Gunderson, M. & Lee, B.

Plowman, D. H., & Perryer, C. (2010). Moral sentiments and the minimum wage. Economic and Labour Relations Review, 21(2), 1-21.

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Kerr, K.B. (2008). "Federal Minimum Wages and Low-Income Workers in Canada (Background Paper)."  Library of Parliament Research Publication

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Ontario Ministry of Finance, February 2007: "Minimum Wages: Issues And Options For Ontario," by Gunderson, M.

Scholarly, Newspaper, Magazine Articles & Reports - Basic Income

The National Post, August 15, 2018: “Now that Ontario’s basic-income pilot has been cancelled, here’s what could happen next,” by Dionne Pohler and Kourtney Koebel (Also available on Dionne Pohler's blog)

The Washington Post, August 13, 2018: “Conservatives end ‘basic income’ program in Ontario, afraid to be proved wrong,” by Christo Aivalis

Maclean’s, August 10, 2018: “Ontario’s scrapped basic-income pilot project was actually deeply flawed,” by Gregory C. Mason

The Conversation, August 9, 2018: “It was time to walk away from Ontario’s flawed basic income project,” by Gregory C. Mason

CTV News, August 8, 2018: “Ontario’s basic income pilot project is ‘failing,’ Ford government says,” by Shawn Jeffords

Dionne Pohler’s Blog, August 5, 2018: “A Critique of Basic Income Pilots Following the Ontario Government’s Announced Cancellation,” by Dionne Pohler and Kourtney Koebel

iPolitics, July 31, 2018: "Ford government slashes income assistance hikes," by Marieke Walsh

CBC News, July 31, 2018: "PC's plan to scrap Ontario basic income pilot project called 'shameful' by NDP leader"

Fraser Institute, May 1, 2018: "An unconditional basic income—a bad idea for many reasons," by Charles Lammam and Hugh MacIntyre

C.D. Howe Institute, April 20, 2018: "Op Ed: A basic universal income in Canada is more realistic than you think: Maclean's," by Hugh Segal

Office of the The Parliamentary Budget Officer, April 17, 2018: Costing a National Guaranteed Basic Income Using the Ontario Basic Income Model (18 pages, PDF) “The report’s evaluation of the project uses the same policy parameters outlined in the Ontario Basic Income Pilot.”

iPolitics, April 17, 2018: “Guaranteed basic income will cost Ottawa $43B more, report shows,” by Sarah Turnbull

Maclean’s, April 18, 2018: “What would a guaranteed basic income cost Canada? Just $43 billion: The Parliamentary Budget Officer modelled a national program at the request of federal Tory Pierre Poilievre, who had some harsh words for Ontario pilot on which the report was based” by Murad Hemmadi

Institute of Network Cultures, 2018: “Precarity Is the Present, Universal Basic Income the Future,” by Patrice Reimens (11 pages, PDF)

Institute of Network Cultures, 2018: “Universal Basic Income Is a Neoliberal Plot to Make You Poorer,” by Dmytri Kleiner (6 pages, PDF)

Ontario Basic Income Pilot

North American Basic Income Guarantee Congress, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, May 24-27, 2018

Urban, M.C. & Yip, C. (2017). Basic impact xxamining the potential impact of a basic income on social entrepreneurs.University of Toronto. School of Public Policy and Governance. Mowat Centre. (pdf, 69 p.)

CBC News, December 10, 2017: "Quebec to offer basic income for 84,000 people unable to work," by Kalina Laframboise

TVO's The Agenda (June 20, 2017): Ontario's Basic Income Pilot

TVO's The Agenda (Jun 20, 2017):  The Basic Income Debate

Ontario. (2017 March). Basic Income Consultations: What We Heard. Report. 28 p.

Stevens, H. &  Simpson, W. (2017). Toward a national universal guaranteed basic income. Canadian Public Policy 43(2), 120-139. University of Toronto Press.

Simpson, W. & Mason, G. & Godwin, R. (2017). The Manitoba Basic Annual Income Experiment: Lessons Learned 40 Years Later. Canadian Public Policy 43(1), 85-104. University of Toronto Press.

C.D. Howe Institute, January 24, 2018: "Toward a New Balance in Social Policy: The Future Role of Guaranteed Annual Income within the Safety Net" (24 pages, PDF)

CBC News, Jan. 2, 2017: "Finland launches basic income experiment with Jan. 1 cheques for those in pilot project."

Segal (2016). Finding a Better Way: A Basic Income Pilot Project  for Ontario: A discussion paper and summary.

Ministry of Community and Social Service, November 3, 2016: “Ontario Seeking Input on Basic Income Pilot”

Government of Ontario, November 3, 2016: “Finding a Better Way: A Basic Income Pilot Project for Ontario,” by Hugh D Segal (101 pages, PDF)

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, October 6, 2016: Basic Income: Rethinking Social Policy, edited by Alex Himelfarb and Trish Hennessy (PDF, 62 pages)

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, October 5, 2016: "A Policymaker’s Guide to Basic Income, by David Macdonald (PDF, 42 pages) 

Broadway, R., Cuff, K. & Koebel, K. (2016). Designing a basic income guarantee for Canada. Queen’s Economics Department Working Paper No. 1371. Kingston, Ontario : Queen's University. Department of Economics. (32 pages, PDF)

The Mowat Centre, September 20, 2016: “Pilot Lessons: How to design a basic income pilot project for Ontario,” by Evelyn L. Forget, Dylan Marando, Tonya Surman and Michael Crawford Urban (PDF, 35 pages)

BIEN -  Basic Income Earth Network, September 1, 2016:  “New Report on Minimum Income Pilot,” Kate McFarland

CBC News, August 30, 2016: “Ontario to test guaranteed-income program amid warnings about costs, effectiveness,” By Dean Beeby, April 4, 2016: "Labour Keeps Its Distance From Guaranteed Annual Income, For Now ...", by Brad James.

CBC News, March 9, 2016: "Basic Income: New Life for an Old Idea", by Soloman Israel.

Globe & Mail, February 26, 2016: "Ottawa should work with Ontario on guaranteed-income strategy: advocates", by Bill Curry.

Toronto Star, February 16, 2016: "The stage is now set for a basic income for all", by Sheila Regehr and Roderick Benns.

Globe & Mail, February 5, 2016: "Minister eyes guaranteed minimum income to tackle poverty", by Bill Curry.

Calnitsky, D. (2016). “More normal than welfare”: The Mincome experiment, stigma, and community experience. Canadian Review of Sociology/Revue Canadienne De Sociologie, 53(1), 26-71.

Mulvale, J. P.; Frankel, S. (2016). Next steps on the road to basic income in Canada. Journal of Sociology Social Welfare 43(3), 27-50.

Conference Board of Canada, January 2016: "Time for another look at a guaranteed annual income", by Glen Hodgson

National Post, December 3, 2015: "Why the Liberals should institute a basic income guarantee", by Roderick Benns

Toronto Star: Commentary, August 6, 2015: "Basic income: just what the doctor ordered:The surest way to improve the health of Canadians is to start prescribing healthy incomes", by Danielle Martin and Ryan Meili.

The Fraser Institute, January 6, 2015: The Practical Challenges of Creating a Guaranteed Annual Income in Canada," by Charles Lamman and Hugh MacIntyre (PDF, 88 pages)

Henderson, D. R. (2015). A philosophical economist's case against a government-guaranteed basic income. The Independent Review, 19(4), 489-502.

Munger, M. (2015). One and one-half cheers for a basic-income guarantee: We could do worse, and already have. The Independent Review, 19(4), 503-513.

Whaples, R. (2015). Skeptical thoughts on a taxpayer-funded basic income guarantee. The Independent Review, 19(4), 531-536.

Pereira, R. (2015, Winter). Basic income will be fairer and cheaper. Inroads, 15-18.

Kesselman, J. R. (2014, Winter). A dubious antipoverty strategy. Inroads, , 33-43.

Huffington Post, December 23, 2014: “A Canadian City Once Eliminated Poverty And Nearly Everyone Forgot About It”, by Zi-Ann Lum.

Cato Unbound: A Journal of Debate, August 4, 2014: "The Pragmatic Libertarian Case for a Basic Income Guarantee", by Matt Zwolinski

CBC News, June 30, 2014: “Guaranteed $20K income for all Canadians endorsed by academics”

Clavet, N-J., Duclos, J-Y & Lacroix, G. (2013). Fighting Poverty: Assessing the Effect of Guaranteed Minimum Income Proposals in Quebec.  Canadian Public Policy, 39(4), 491-516.

CBC News, December 20, 2013"Report suggests guaranteed minimum income in Nunavut".

Amétépé, F. (2012). The effectiveness of Luxembourg's minimum guaranteed income. International Social Security Review, 65(1), 99-116.

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CBC News, March 25, 2010: 1970s Manitoba poverty experiment called a success

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (2009): Possibilities and Prospects: The Debate Over a Guaranteed Income, by Margot Young and James P. Mulvale (PDF, 38 pages)

Policy Options, April 2008: “Guaranteed Annual Income: Why Milton Friedman and Bob Stanfield Were Right”, by Hugh Segal

Duclos, J-Y. (2007). Economic security: A better income security system for all Canadians. In St-Hilaire, F., Ragan, C. T. S., Leonard, J., & Institute for Research on Public Policy. (2007). A Canadian priorities agenda: Policy choices to improve economic and social well-being. Montreal: Institute for Research on Public Policy

Howard, M. W. (2007). A NAFTA dividend: A guaranteed minimum income for North America. Basic Income Studies, 2(1)

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Tcherneva, P., & Wray, L.R. (2005). Can basic income and job guarantees deliver on their promises? 

Manitoba Basic Annual Income Experiment (1979) (documents)

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