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Foundations and Current Issues in IR/HR (IRE 2001)

This subject guide is meant to assist students, particularly those enrolled in IRE 2001, with research papers and assignments.

Books - Younger Workers

Selected Books - Younger Workers

Scholarly, Newspaper, Magazine Articles & Reports

  See the Tumblrwork&labour news&research for the latest on Youth

International Labour Organization -- 2015 Global Employment Trends for Youth [website]

House of Commons, Report of the Standing Committee on Finance June 2014: Youth employment in Canada: challenges and potential solutions,  James Rajotte, chair.

Statistics Canada, July 2013: "What has changed for young people in Canada?," by Diane Galarneau, René Morissette and Jeannine Usalcas (pages, PDF)

Statistics Canada, June 2013: "Unemployment Dynamics Among Canada’s Youth," by André Bernard (9 pages, PDF)

Work Trends, May 2012: "Chasing the American Dream: Recent College Graduates and the Great Recession" by Charley Stone, Carl Van Horn, and Cliff Zukin (66 pages, PDF)

De Economist, November 2010: "Retirement of Older Workers and Employment of the Young," by Adriaan Kalwij, Arie Kapteyn, and Klaas Vos

Youth & Unions

CBC News, April 15, 2013: "Do unions still matter to young people?," by Adam Carter 

Just Labour: A Canadian Journal of Work and Society, Volume 20, Summer 2013: Revitalizing union action: the impact of youth committees in a public sector labour federation in Québec 

Griffin, L., & Brown, M. (2011). Second hand view? Young people, social networks and positive union attitudes. Labour & Industry, (22)1-2, (83-101).

Winona State University, Working Paper, October 2010: "College Students’ Attitudes Toward Labor Unions: Implications for Union Leaders and Employers," by Tessema, M., Sauers, D., Bjorke, J. & Ready, K.

Oliver, D. (2009). University student employment and experiences of union membership. Labour & Industry: a Journal of the Social and Economic Relations of Work (19)3, 137-156.

Campolieti, M., Gomez, R. & Gunderson, M. (2008). Have young workers lost their (collective) voice? Youth-adult preferences for workplace voice in Canada. In G. Defreitas (Ed.), Young workers in the global economy: Job challenges in North America, Europe and Japan (283-333). Cheltenham, UK : Edward Elgar.

Bryson, A., Gomez, R., Gunderson, M., & Meltz, N. (2005). Youth-adult differences in the demand for unionization: Are American, British, and Canadian workers all that different? Journal of Labor Research, 26(1), 155-167.

Gomez, R., Gunderson, M., & Meltz, N. (2002). Comparing youth and adult desire for unionization in Canada. British Journal of Industrial Relations, 40(3), 542-519.

"From ‘Playstations’ to ‘Workstations’: Youth Preferences for Unionisation in Canada," by Rafael Gomez, Morley Gunderson, and Noah Meltz, October 2001