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Negotiation Skills (Graduate/Undergraduate - IRE 1630 and IRE 472)

This subject guide is meant to assist students, particularly those enrolled in IRE1630 and IRE 472, with research papers and assignments.

Negotiation/Mediation Games

Negotiation Games

Negotiation games - The Desperate Dad

The Desperate Dad

In Episode 1 of Ambition series, you advise the police officer on the best way to difuse an explosive situation.

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Negotiation games - The Hitchhiker

The Hitchhiker

In Episode 2 of Ambition series, you can advise either the wife or the husband in this marital dispute.

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Mediation Game

Negotiation games - The Angry Neighbours

The Angry Neighbours

Your two neighbours are in a nasty argument. Can you help them resolve it before things get out of control?

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Free Online Course

Free Online Negotiation and Conflict Management Course

A road along which different options are listed.Negotiation and Conflict Management presents negotiation theory – strategies and styles – within an employment context. In addition to the theory and exercises presented in class, students practice negotiating with role-playing simulations that cover a range of topics. Students also learn how to negotiate in difficult situations, which include abrasiveness, racism, sexism, whistle-blowing, and emergencies. The course covers conflict management as a first party and as a third party: third-party skills include helping others deal directly with their conflicts, mediation, investigation, arbitration, and helping the system change as a result of a dispute.