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Public Sector Labour Management Issues (IRE 1625)

This subject guide is meant to assist students, particularly those enrolled in IRE1625, with research papers and assignments.

Public Sector Wage Control - Selected Resources

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CANLII Connects March 31, 2015: Government rollback of RCMP wage increases following 2008 financial crisis did not violate collective bargaining rights under Charter, Supreme Court rules Meredith v. Canada (Attorney General), 2015 SCC 2 (CanLII)

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Recent Public Sector Wage Restraint Legislation

Lancaster House Bargaining in the Broader Public Sector Conference 2014. Panel 3: Public Sector Bargaining: The Implications of Government Involvement (request from CIRHR Library staff)

Canadian Labour Board Law Conference 2014, Lancaster House. Panel 1: Collective Bargaining in Survival Mode: the Impact of Government Restrictions on the Right to Strike (Restrictions on collective bargaining through wage restraint legislation; other legislated limits on collective bargaining; the right to strike) (document in CIRHR Library. Request from library staff)

Alberta Court Freezes Union Legislation ("PSSRA" - Bill 46) from Work&LabourNews&Research Tumblr (CIRHR Library) February 2014

Public Service Salary Restraint Act ("PSSRA" - Bill 46) 2013 (Alberta)

Comprehensive Public Sector Compensation Freeze Act (Bill 5) 2013 (Ontario)

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives on Public Sector Wages

Public Sector Compensation Freeze Act (Bill 92) 2012 (Ontario)

Collective Bargaining in Canada 2012 (overview) (Human Resources and Skills Development Canada)

Budget Implementation Act (Bill-C10) 2009 (Federal) See part of this Bill: Expenditure Restraint Act (An Act to restrain the Government of Canada’s expenditures in relation to employment)

An Act Respecting the Conditions of Employment in the Public Sector (Bill 142) 2005 (Quebec)


Canadian Foundation for Labour Rights

Ontario Public Service Employees Union on The Wage Freeze

Restrictive Labour Laws Directory (by Canadian Foundation for Labour Rights)