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Public Sector Labour Management Issues (IRE 1625)

This subject guide is meant to assist students, particularly those enrolled in IRE1625, with research papers and assignments.

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Scholarly, Newspaper, Magazine Articles & Reports

Rose, J. B. (2016). Constraints on public sector bargaining in Canada. Journal of Industrial Relations, 58(1), 93-110.

Lancaster House Bargaining in the Broader Public Sector Conference 2015 (request from CIRHR Library staff)


  • Through a Glass, Darkly: Experts Analyze the State of the Economy
  • Modernizing Workplace Laws: A Session with the Special Advisors to the Ontario Government on its "Changing Workplaces Review"
  • Rethinking Bargining Structures: Does Government Involvement in the Bargaining Process Work, and for Whom?
  • Reading the Tea Leaves: Where Are We Really Going with the Charter of Rights?
  • Gearing Up fo the Next Round: Preparing for Bargaining and Setting the Agenda

Lancaster House Bargaining in the Broader Public Sector Conference 2014 (request from CIRHR Library staff)


  • Economic Forecast: What's in Store for the Public Sector in 2015?
  • Bargaining Strategies, Bargaining Tactics: What Works, What Doesn't?
  • Public Sector Bargaining: the Implications of Government Involvement
  • What's on the Bargaiing Table? Emerging Issues, Creative Solutions

Canadian Labour & Employment Law Journal, V. 17, No. 2 (2013) (request hard copy from CIRHR Library if not yet available online)

Prospects for Reform of Industrial Relations in the Ontario Broader Public Sector: Papers from the Workshop on the Drummond Report, Centre for Law in the Contemporary Workplace, Queen's University, June 22, 2012. Link to speaker presentations.

Articles are below:

  • "Principles for Labour Relations Policy Reform in the Wake of the Drummond Report on Ontario's Public Services", by Richard P. Chaykowski & Robert S. Hickey
  • "Recent Reforms to Public Employee Interest Arbitration in Michigan: Any Lessons for Ontario?", by Richard N. Block
  • "Reforming the Structure of Collective Bargaining: Lessons from the Construction Industry", by Joseph B. Rose
  • "Regulating Strikes in Essential (and Other) Services after the 'New Trilogy'", by Bernard Adell
  • "Constitutional Restrictions on the Capacity of Governments to Enact Reforms: Does Section 2(d) of the Charter Include a Right to Strike?", by Sonia Regenbogen & Christopher D. Pigott
  • "Majoritarianism, Exclusivity and the 'Right to Work': the Legal Incoherence of Ontario Bill 64", by Brian Langille & Josh Mandryk

Comparative Labor Law and Policy Journal, V. 34, No. 2 (Winter 2013) "Public Sector Collective Bargaining and the Distortion of Democracy: Do Public Sector Unions Have Too Much Power?"

This issue contains articles such as:

  • " Introduction"
  • "A Reconsideration and Empirical Evaluation of Wellington's and Winter's, the Unions and the Cities", by Jeffrey H. Keefe
  • "Public Sector Industrial Relations in Canada: Does It Threaten or Sustain Democracy", by Mark Thompson and Sara Slinn
  • "Does Public Employee Collective Bargaining Distort Democracy: A Perspective from the United States", by Martin H. Malin
  • "The Public Sector in the United States and Germany: Comparative Aspects in an Employment Relations Perspective", by Berndt Keller
  • "Japan's Collective Labor Relations Law in the Public Sector: Constitutional Conflict between Union Rights and Democracy", by Ryuichi Yamakawa
  • "Does Public Sector Collective Bargaining Distort Democracy - The Case for France", by Veronique Chanut and Jacques Rojot
  • "Employment Relations and Union Action in the Italian Public Services - Is There a Case of Distortion of Democracy", by Lorenzo Bordogna

Hyams, B. (2000). A summer of discontent: Collective bargaining in the public sector. Journal of Collective Negotiations, 29(1), 49-67. (available from the CIRHR library upon request)

Fryer Committee & Commission on the Reform of Ontario's Public Services

Ontario Commission on the Reform of Ontario’s Public Services (Drummond Commission). (2012). Public services for Ontarians: A path to sustainability and excellence. (562 pages, PDF)

Chaykowski, R. & Hickey, R. (2012). Reform of the conduct and structure of labour relations in the Ontario broader public service: Report to the Commission on the Reform of Ontario's Public Service. School of Policy Studies, Queen's University.

Advisory Committee on Labour Management Relations in the Federal Public Service. (2000). Identifying the issues: First report, May 2000. Fryer Committee.

Final Report of the Advisory Committee on Labour Management Relations in the Federal Public Service (Fryer Committee). (2001). See also: UTLibraries link to catalogue record:

Swimmer, G. (2002). Putting the Fryer Committee recommendations in context. Canadian Labour and Employment Law Journal, 9(3), 313-334.