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Public Sector Labour Management Issues (IRE 1625)

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Public Sector Unionism Under Attack - Suggested Search Terms

government employee* AND canada AND union*

public (sector OR service) AND Canada AND union*

right to strike AND public (sector OR service) AND Canada

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Public Sector Unionism Under Attack

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work&labour  news&research, December 2013 - January 2014: Attack on our Public Service: Bill C4 and the Politicized Public Servant


crash their party

“Crash The Party: A Rally to Protest Conservative Attacks on Canada” (PSAC Prairie Division)

"As you may have heard, the federal Conservative Convention will take place in Calgary next week, from October 31 to November 2. While in Calgary, convention delegates will debate policy resolutions that would support “right to work” legislation, while severely limiting how unions can spend members’ dues."  Conservative policy resolutions relating to unions

"On top of cutting jobs and slashing crucial programs and services, the Conservatives have been attacking organized labour with anti-labour legislation such as Bill C-377 and Bill C-525. Just this week the Conservatives introduced another ideology-driven budget implementation bill (Bill C-4) that will undermine bargaining rights and strip certain public servants of the right to strike. The latest bill represents a far-reaching attack on public service workers, the large majority of which are our members."

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives: Public Service Relations Act and Bill C-4

This Law Times summary  (December 2, 2013) explains the amendments, and their implications, to the Public Service Relations Act as proposed in omnibus Bill C-4.

the battle ahead

The Economist, January 6, 2011: "The battle ahead"

The Economist, January 6, 2011: "(Government) workers of the world unite!"

under attack: in defence of the public sector

Under Attack: In Defence of the Public Sector, September 18, 2011: This pamphlet was produced by the Public Sector Campaign of the Greater Toronto Workers' Assembly.  

"We should be winning this struggle. We aren’t. They are. How did this happen? How did government and business come out of the financial crisis they created...stronger? More importantly, why are we so weak? All is not lost. While the working-class as a whole is weak, there remains a pillar of strength: public sector unions. And yet, public sector workers and the services we provide are under attack from government, business, the news-media, and – although it is hard to admit – from other workers. Everywhere we go, all over the world, public sector workers are accused of greed, inefficiency, and incompetence. How did this happen? What can we do to change it?" Download e-book PDF.


Selected Articles and Websites

Rose, J. B. (2016). Constraints on public sector bargaining in Canada. Journal of Industrial Relations, 58(1), 93-110.

Osgoode Hall Law Journal, V. 50, No. 4, 2013: "Attacks on Public-Sector Bargaining as Attacks on Employee Voice A(Partial) Defence of the Wagner Act Model", by Joseph Slater

Public Service Alliance of Canada

Public Service Alliance of Canada- We Are All Affected

Canadian Foundation for Labour Rights- Restrictive Labour Laws directory

Swimmer, G., & Bartkiw, T. (2008). Provincial policies concerning collective bargaining. In C. Dunn (Ed.), Provinces: Canadian Provincial Politics (2 ed., pp. 507-535). Toronto: University of Toronto Press

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A Just Labour Debate

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