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A guide to resources on cataloguing and classification for the University of Toronto Libraries system.

RDA and Authority Work

RDA and LC Authority Records

As of April 1st 2013, every record that Library of Congress creates is an RDA record in its descriptive aspects and in its headings. In preparation for RDA implementation, work to update the LC Authority file was completed in 2 phases:

In Phase 1, records whose 1XX fields are incompatible with RDA were identified. A 667 field was added stating that the 1XX field cannot be used under RDA until the record has been reviewed and/or updated.

In Phase 2, the authority records with 1XX fields that could be modified automatically were updated.  The changes include spelling out of abbreviations such as Dept., Latin terms (ca.) and modification of Bible and Koran headings. This phase was completed in March 2013.

LC authorities in our local UTL Authority file were updated in 2014 and bibliographic records linked to these authorities were adjusted.


Example of RDA Bibliographic and Authority Records

Tutorial on RDA Authorities

Tutorial on creating new RDA Authorities in SIRSI for new fiction authors

Training Materials

  1. Title or other designation – include if applicable
  2. Date of birth and/or death – always  include if readily available
  3. Fuller form of name – include only to break conflict
  4. Period of activity of a person – include only to break conflict
  5. Profession or occupation – include only to break conflict

Please see below for examples

RDA Relationship Designator Terms

Library of Congress Rule Interpretations