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Contemporary Trade Unionism (IRE 1640)

This subject guide is meant to assist students, particularly those enrolled in IRE 1640, with research papers and assignments.

Women & Racialized Workers in Unions

March on Washington

Women & Racialized Workers in Unions - Books Available Through U of T Libraries

Selected Books

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- women* AND union*

- black* AND union*

- racialized worker* AND union*

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Selected Articles and Websites

Center for Economic Policy and Research, June 2014: “Women, Working Families, and Unions,” by Janelle Jones, John Schmitt, and Nicole Woo (27 pages, PDF)

Canadian Labour Congress, 2014: “The Union Advantage Across Canada”

Government of Canada, Labour Program, Workplace Information and Research Division, June 11, 2014: “Union Coverage in Canada, 2013”

Broadbent Institute, April 2013: "Union Communities, Healthy Communities: The New Attack on Unions and its Threat to Shared Prosperity in Canada" (22 pages, PDF)

Canadian Foundation for Labour Rights, March 27, 2013: Unions Matter: How the Ability of Labour Unions to Reduce Income Inequality and Influence Public Policy has been affected by Regressive Labour Laws (26 pages, PDF)

Coalition of Black Trade Unionists

University of California, Berkeley’s Center for Labor Research and Education, (UC Berkeley Labor Center) April 8, 2013: Data Brief - Blacks in Unions 2012 (12 pages, PDF)