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Contemporary Trade Unionism (IRE 1640)

This subject guide is meant to assist students, particularly those enrolled in IRE 1640, with research papers and assignments.

Impact of Economic Downturns - Books Available Through U of T Libraries

Impact of Economic Downturn on Work & Collective Bargaining

Trade Unions and the Global Crisis: Labour's Visions, Strategies and Responses, ILO, 2011

Trade Unions and the Global Crisis: Labour's Visions, Strategies and Responses, ILO, 2011

"For many countries in Europe (among them Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom) and North America (Canada and the United States), what has followed – and indeed resulted – from the huge bail-outs are soaring budget deficits. The political response has produced regimes of austerity characterized by such measures as cuts in public spending on social welfare and health care, reductions in pensions, freezing of the minimum wage, capping or holding back wage increases covered by bargaining agreements in the public sector and laying off workers in the public sector.
Trade union rights, particularly in the public sector, have also been targeted as part of the austerity measures. In the United States, for example, despite massive protests and demonstrations mounted by public sector unions and community organi zations, Republican Governor Scott Walker in Wisconsin forced through a so-called budget repair law which stripped public sector workers of collective bargaining and other hard-won union rights. Unions in other US states are facing similar attacks. In short, governments are ignoring the protests of workers and the poor and are forcing them to foot the bill for national budget deficits by imposing austerity programmes."

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- recession AND labour unions AND canada AND (wages OR pensions OR retirement OR public sector)
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Canadian Foundation for Labour Rights
Canadian Foundation for Labour Rights, March 27, 2013: Unions Matter: How the Ability of Labour Unions to Reduce Income Inequality and Influence Public Policy has been affected by Regressive Labour Laws (26 pages, PDF)