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Archaeology of Technology Resources

This guide can support research for sources in a variety of topics in archaeology of technology, specifically focusing on pottery and metallurgical technologies.

Overview of Catalogue Searching

Prof. Miller will likely suggest many excellent books and articles to get you started, but consider doing a literature search of our library's resources for background materials.

There are at least three ways to get started on the overview, with different outcomes: Search All, catalogue, Article Search. These search interfaces are related:

If you wish to get started by skimming over the Search All results, keep this in mind: what Summon excludes

In other words:

search all and the catalogue


Article Search Features

A systematic approach may be to search the catalogue on its own (next tab of this guide) to optimize its Advanced Search option, and the subject headings

Here are some pointers on working with the Article Search:

Consider using the Advanced Search; since the Boolean search capability does not work well in this search engine, the Advanced Search is best at weeding out unwanted formats :

If you had carried out the above search, this would have been your results page: