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HIS310: History of Women Since 1800

A guide to assist students in the discovery of primary sources and secondary sources for the history of women in Europe since 1800.

Sources in UTL Catalogue

  • Library Catalogue
    The library catalogue tells you what we have in the University of Toronto Libraries. You will find the catalogue tab at the top of the UTM Library web page or you may be used to using the UTL page to access the catalogue. Either is fine since both search the catalogue with items held by all the libraries at the University of Toronto.
    The catalogue organizes material held in the libraries. Much of its strength lies in its ability to use 'controlled terminology' to group together authors and subject. However, users have to know what the terms are to access all the relevant material and unfortunately it can be challenging to identify these terms.
    If you search for Annie Besant in the 'anywhere' field of the catalogue, you will get a selection of results. Look at the REFINE RESULTS column on the left hand side.
    In the SUBJECT box you have a link for books about ' Besant, Annie Wood,1847-1933 (22)

               In the AUTHOR box you a a link for books written by 'Besant,Annie Wood,1847-1933 (50).They will have may have different titles, editors, translators etc. However, they are written by Annie Besant and can be primary soources for this time period.

Web Resources

Retrospective Collections

Digital Text Collections

Historical Newspapers