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BME440: Biomedical engineering technology & investigation


Books can be used for factual and background information, and are great to use when you are at the start of a project or are being introduced to a topic you are unfamiliar with.

There are different kinds of books: textbooks, handbooks, encyclopedias, dictionaries, etc. and they can all be useful in different situations.

Find Books

Search the catalogue to find books on a topic.

Things to remember:

  • books are usually on a general topic, and might cover many specific things - broaden your search to a more general topic to try and find information
    • for example - looking in the catalogue for books on ELISA - if you type "ELISA" into the search box, you will get many books, but not many are on Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay.  Try a broader topicThe entire book might not be on ELISA, but there might be a chapter or two on it. 
  • Use synonyms, broader terms, narrower terms, acronyms, etc.
    • for example - Searching "ELISA" and "Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay" will bring up different results
    • the catalogue looks for what you type in, so the words you use matter

Catalogue Search

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