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Employment Health (Undergraduate - IRE 378)

This subject guide is meant to assist students, particularly those enrolled in IRE 378, with research papers and assignments.

Online Resources Available Through U of T Libraries

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Occupational Health & Safety - Selected Books in CIRHR Library

Employment Source

Employment Spectrum

Occupational Health & Safety - Selected Articles and Other Publications

Lancaster House Construction Industry Labour Law Conference 2014. Panel 1: The Impact of the Metron Case on Health and Safety Prosecutions and Other Major Caselaw Developments (request from CIRHR Library staff)
R. v. Metron Construction Corporation, 2012 ONCJ 506 (CanLII)

Lancaster House Health and Safety Conference 2014 (request from CIRHR Library staff)


  • Danger at Work: Preventing Violence, Promoting Mental Health

  • Getting Tough on Health and Safety Crime: Does Metron Signal a New Era of Sky-High Fines and Extensive Jail Time?

  • A Fireable Offence? Imposing Discipline for Health and Safety Violations

  • Sobering Thoughts: How the Supreme Court Has Changed the Law on Random Drug and Alcohol Testing

Lancaster House Workplace Safety and Insurance Conference 2014 (request from CIRHR Library staff)


  • Stress and Distress: Seeking Compensation for Violence, Harassment, and Trauma in the Workplace

  • Mum's the Word: Surreptitious Surveillance and Covert Investigations by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board

  • The Top Five Compensation Cases: What Do They Say, What Do They Mean for You?

  • Pre-existing Conditions: Untangling the "Causation" Knot in Multiple-Cause Injuries

Ministry of Labour, October 2014: “Roundtable on Traumatic Mental Stress: Ideas Generated” (33 pages, PDF)

Osgoode Hall Law Journal, V. 50, No. 4 (2013): "The Limits of Voice: Are Workers Afraid to Express Their Health and Safety Rights?" by Wayne Lewchuk

Towers Watson, February 14, 2014: "Staying@Work™ Report: The Business Value of a Healthy Workforce"