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Latin America: The National Period: HIS292


Use a journal article database to research journal articles. Top suggestions for Latin American history:

Keyword search examples in Historical Abstracts

Once you are in the index, you must enter a search strategy to find articles on your topic. Here are some examples:

united states and immigra* and ital*
(for Italian immigration to the united states)

(aboriginal or native or indian*) and self-government
(for aboriginal self-government)


'and' focuses your search by finding articles with all of the terms in the record.

'* (star or asterisk)' finds different word endings. (Please note that some indexes use other symbols instead of an asterisk.)

immigra* finds immigrant, immigrants, immigrate, immigration...
ital* finds italian, italians, italy

'or' finds articles with either term in the record. Use brackets around keywords joined by 'or' when you combine them with other strategies.

suffrage or vote
montreal or toronto or vancouver

Advanced keyword searching

Example topic:  Discuss the role that the peasants played in the French Revolution.

french revolution and (peasant* or rural or agrarian)

or finds alternative words

french revolution and (peasant* or rural or agrarian)

Focussing your results

You can use Historical Abstracts options to focus on scholarly, peer-reviewed journals, English or another language, or the time the article was published.

select 'Academic article' and 'English'

Get the journal

To access an article from a citation in a database:

  • If you see a [fulltext] link, select it.
  • If you see a Get!it button or SFX button, select it. This will link to the article online, if we have it. If we don't have it online, it will search the library catalogue for you to tell you if we have it in print.

To find an item from a bibliography:

  • Method 1: Go to the library home page and enter your article title in the search box. It may help to put quotes on the title. This should find your article if it is online. 
  • Method 2: Look up the name of the journal that the article is published in, in the library catalogue, to find out if we have it in print or online. Write down the name of the library, and the journal's call number in that library. Make sure we have the volume that you want. 

How to Search JSTOR

The first 2.5 minutes are helpful.