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UTSC Library Finance & Trading Lab

Learn the fundamentals of financial research & analysis.

Meet the team

Bill Chau - Finance Lab Manager

Bill Chau joined the Finance Lab in January 2015 as the Finance Lab Manager.  Prior to joining UTSC, Bill worked at several major financial institutions in Toronto and Hong Kong, with expertise in portfolio modelling, trade management and securities brokerage. Bill holds several professional designations including, CFA, FRM and CAIA. He holds an Honours Bachelor of Science from the University of Toronto (Victoria College). 

Contact me: | 416-208-2653
Office hours: Mon - Fri,  9 am - 5 pm
IC 306A

Stephanie Perpick - Librarian, Department of Management

Stephanie Perpick is the Finance Librarian for the UTSC Library Finance & Trading Lab. Prior to joining UTSC, Stephanie worked at a large Canadian investment bank as a research consultant. Stephanie holds a Masters in Library & Information Science from the University of Western Ontario and an Honours Bachelor of Arts from the University of Toronto (Victoria College). 

Contact me: | 416-208-2987
Office hours: Tues 10 - 11 am.


Student Finance Lab Assistants - 2017 Fall

Rohan Shah

Rohan is a fourth-year Management student specializing in Finance. He practices his enthusiasm for capital markets by managing virtual portfolios, participating in competitions, and keeping up with latest news. Rohan is also involved in various clubs around campus and is currently the Director of Financial Operations for both UNITY and MEIO. In his spare time, Rohan enjoys following and playing ice-hockey & basketball, travelling, and spending time with his friends & family.


Mounir El-Sayed 

Mounir El-Sayed is a third-year Management student specializing in Finance. He is involved in many initiatives around campus and is currently with the Association of Accountancy as Vice-President of Professional Development. Mounir is passionate about the technology industry as well as the automotive industry. He enjoys keeping up with the constantly innovating trends in these sectors. He also enjoys learning how to code. In his spare time, he enjoys casual hiking and biking.

Omar Syed Shah

Omar is a second-year Management Co-op student specializing in Accounting and Finance. Omar is part of the Management & Economics Students’ Association and the UTSC Student Managed Fund as an Equity Analyst covering the Energy sector. Omar is also an avid participant in business case competitions. In his spare time, Omar loves going on bike rides, trying out new foods and meeting with new people.

Sabeeh Zia

Sabeeh is a third year Management specializing in Finance. Along with completing a work term with D+H Financial Technologies (now Finastra), Sabeeh likes to expand his breadth of knowledge and experience in Finance by joining the Student Managed Fund as an Analyst and taking part in the Investment Society. Beyond his academic and professional life, Sabeeh enjoys reading the WSJ, writing articles, participating in charitable events and reading non-fiction books.

Siddharth Kurian

Siddharth is a second-year student studying economics at UTSC. His current interests lie in the financial realms of venture capital and stock trading, however none with his personal capital just yet. In his spare time, he enjoys trying new food or a quick workout at Pan Am.