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Research Guides

CIN201: (pre-2018) Film Cultures 1: Art & Industry

A comprehensive guide to scholarly resources - books, journal articles, primary source material.

Primary Research vs. Secondary Research

Be sure to first focus on trade magazines, news articles, journal articles, and archival materials from the time period that is applicable to your research question before looking at secondary research (e.g., books, more current journal articles). 

This paper is as a way for you to develop your ability to find appropriate sources and employ them to construct a persuasive and coherent historical account. You may well need to familiarize yourself with possible sources before committing yourself to a particular topic.  What is most important is that you make sure to amass a sufficient amount of evidence, thereby allowing you to construct your own historical account.

Remember the lesson learned from your first assignment: history is not merely the recording of facts, but the shaping and ordering of relevant data into a persuasive account of what you believe to have occurred. Once you have done the research, you must then proceed to rendering the evidence gathered as an historical account of the phenomenon under examination.

When looking at secondary sources, you need to remember that the authors will have spent considerable time reviewed primary literature to come to their own understanding and viewpoints. This is the process that you are developing in this course so start with the primary research before examining others' research. 

Secondary Sources: