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Research Guides

BME346: Biomedical engineering & omics technologies


The Engineering Communication Program has many online resources to help you with writing assignments. 

Some of these resources include:

If you look at the resources provided and find you still need help, please contact the Engineering Communication Program, or book an appointment.

Accurate Documentation/Avoiding Plagiariam

As part of your assignments and design project, you will have to document the resources you used. 

The Engineering Communication Program has put together a great resource to help you with accurate documentation.  It is available in the online handbook on their web site. 

They also have other great resources, like the plagiarism self-test, to help you spot (and avoid!) plagiarism.

Please consult these resources, and contact the Engineering Communication Program if you have any questions.

Citation Management Software Options

There are multiple free options available to you to manage your citations.