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CLAD05/HISD10: Water Management in the Ancient Mediterranean World

A guide to assist students in CLAD05/HISD10 to find and use library resources needed to successfully complete their assignments.


This is a selection of books at various University of Toronto libraries that contain primary source material. Another way to find material: try searching Manuscripts, Latin (Papyri) as the subject in the catalogue.

Note: most of these books are not at the UTSC Library. You can request books to be delivered to UTSC from other UofT libraries, but make sure that you order them AT LEAST 3 business days before you need them.

Deciphering Abbreviations

You may find a reference in a secondary source to a primary text that is a mysterious abbreviation. To figure out what the abbreviation means, try using use a standard classics reference resource, like The Oxford Classical Dictionary or the Checklist of Papyri.

Ancient Historians and Statesmen

Search for these authors in the library catalogue.

Images & Objects

Online Resources