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Law of Labour Relations, Law in the Workplace, and Labour Arbitration (IRE 1270, IRE 1338, and IRE 1260)

This subject guide is meant to assist students, particularly those enrolled in IRE 1260, IRE 1270 and IRE 1338, with research papers and assignments.

The Duty to Accommodate


Additional e-Resources on Duty to Accommodate

HeinOnline - Finding Journal Articles

HeinOnline is an online database of legal journals (QuickLaw also has a law journal collection but HeinOnline is much easier to search)


Click the link above to be taken to the catalogue entry for Hein Online Law Journal, and then click on "GlobeLink: HeinOnline Law Journal Library" to access the database.

In Advanced Search: enter your search terms, then under Subject scroll down and select Canadian Law 

add date range if desired

click on Search 

Sample Searches:

(accommodation ) AND (mental ) AND (employ* OR work ) AND subjects:("Canadian Law")

(accommodation ) AND (religion) AND (employ* OR work ) AND subjects:("Canadian Law")

Other Sources

For search results - click the blue text 

 Lexology is a legal news aggregator - "accommodation" - Canada - Employment & Labor 

  • try searching for a particular accommodation issue (ex: Family status, mental health, disability) 

University libraries catalogue search

Summon Search