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Law of Labour Relations, Law in the Workplace, and Labour Arbitration (IRE 1270, IRE 1338, and IRE 1260)

This subject guide is meant to assist students, particularly those enrolled in IRE 1260, IRE 1270 and IRE 1338, with research papers and assignments.

Legal Databases

Canadian Legal and Research Writing Guide: This guide can help you develop an effective Step-by-Step Legal Research Process, learn when and how to use particular resources, and better understand statutory research and electronic searching. Links to free online resources and lists of leading publications can help you conduct your research. Material on writing and analysis can help to improve your legal writing and reasoning.


The CanLII Primer: Legal Research Principles and CanLII Navigationfor Self-Represented Litigants

The goal of this document is to help self-represented litigants (SRLs) navigate CanLll in order to prepare for the presentation of their cases -in court, in chambers, or as part of a negotiation or mediation.CanLll is an exceptional resource for those without legal counsel, but its usefulness will depend on how well you understand how to navigate and apply its vast resources. This primer offers you some basic navigational tools.In addition, you will need to understand the basics of how law is created in Canada, as a combination of case law and legislation. While this primer does not provide you with a comprehensive introduction to this complex topic, it offers some fundamental principles to help you get started and hopefully make your use of CanLll more effective. At the end of this document, you will find a Glossary that defines some of the most commonly used terms and phrases you may come across when conducting legal research. Terms and phrases that have been bolded or highlightedthroughout this document can also be found in the Glossary.

CanLII (Canadian Legal Information Institute) pronounced can-lee -- What is CanLii?

CanLII is a non-profit organization that has been engaged by the law societies of Canada that are members of the Federation of Law Societies of Canada to establish, operate, maintain and provide to the law societies a website dedicated to providing continuous access to a virtual library of Canadian legal information. CanLII’s goal is to make Canadian law accessible on the Internet.This website provides access to:

CanLII’s secondary website, CanLII Connects, hosts a database of case commentary and case summaries submitted by lawyers, scholars and others with professional competency in legal analysis.

EmploymentSource combines expert commentary, case law, legislation and dismissal notice periods. Employment Spectrum includes the following legal texts & looseleaf services, cases & commentary, legal guides and bulletins.

LabourSource provides online access to:

Cases and Decisions

  • EmploymentSource Cases and Decisions

Texts and Annotations

  • Ball, Canadian Employment Law
  • Keith, Canadian Health and Safety Law
  • D'Andrea, Employee Obligations in Canada
  • D'Andrea, Illness and Disability in the Workplace
  • Levitt, The Law of Dismissal in Canada, Third Edition

Statutes and Regulations

  • Labour and Employment Statutes and Regulations  

How to access the database:

  • Go to EmploymentSource on UTLibraries. You can also find EmploymentSource by entering employmentsource in the catalogue.
  • Click on EmploymentSource under Holdings
  • You can explore by chapter or use the search box at the top.

HeinOnline is an online database of legal journals (QuickLaw also has a law journal collection but HeinOnline is much easier to search)

Click the link above to be taken to the catalogue entry for Hein Online Law Journal, and then click on "GlobeLink: HeinOnline Law Journal Library" to access the database.

In Advanced Search: enter your search terms, then under Subject scroll down and select Canadian Law 

add date range if desired


Sample Searches:

(accommodation ) AND (mental ) AND (employ* OR work ) AND subjects:("Canadian Law")

(accommodation ) AND (religion) AND (employ* OR work ) AND subjects:("Canadian Law")

LabourSource is the source for Labour Arbitration cases (LACs) & Candian Labour Arbitration (Brown & Beatty) (also available in print at the CIRHR library)

LabourSource provides online access to:

Cases and Decisions:

  • Labour Arbitration Cases (L.A.C.)
  • Canadian Labour Arbitration Summaries (C.L.A.S.)

Texts and Annotations:

  • Canadian Labour Arbitration, Fourth Edition (Brown & Beatty)
  • Canadian Labour Law (Adams)
  • Willis & Winkler on Leading Labour Cases 
  • Willis & WInkler Labour Arbitration: The Year in Review 
  • Corry, Collective Bargaining and Agreement
  • Saxe & McLean, Collective Agreement Handbook

Statutes and Regulations

  • Labour and Employment Statutes and Regulations

How to access the database:

  • Go to LabourSource on UTLibraries at You can also find LabourSource by entering laboursource in the catalogue.
  • Click on LabourSource under Holdings
  • "Brown & Beatty, Canadian Labour Arbitration" is listed under "Text and Annotations"
  • You can explore by chapter or use the search box at the top.

See Lancaster House Conferences - Proceedings. Request from CIRHR Library staff. In-library use only.

Contract Clauses Online provides authoritative commentary and actual contract clauses from current collective agreements negotiated across Canada in both the public and private sectors.

For access to Lancaster House Contract Clauses, please see library staff since access to the database is restricted.

Lancaster House First Resort For access to Lancaster House First Resort, please see library staff since access to the database is restricted.

First Resort is Lancaster's comprehensive resource for labour and employment law. First Resort organizes articles that summarize and analyse key labour and employment law decisions into twenty different databases, each of which covers a discrete area of labour law. Also included in your searches on First Resort are:

  • Canadian Labour & Employment Law Journal
  • Labour Arbitration Yearbook Online
  • Leading Cases on Labour Arbitration Online
  • Wrongful Dismissal and Employment Law eText

Lancaster House First Resort manual

For access to Lancaster House First Resort, please see library staff since access to the database is restricted.

Lexology is a legal news aggregator. 

Lexology delivers the most comprehensive source of international legal updates, analysis and insights. They publish in excess of 450 articles every day from over 800 leading law firms and service providers worldwide across 50 work areas in 25 languages. Their searchable archive now contains more than 730,000 articles. 

Use the search terms below to refine your search:

Under "Jurisdiction", select Canada; Under "Work Area", select Employment & Labour

With Lexis Advance® Quicklaw®, you have one-page access to the most comprehensive collection of primary and secondary materials, court decisions, legislation, legal commentary, current and archived news, and much more. You have access to over 120 sources of information on labour & employment law -- includes Halsbury's Laws of Canada.

How to login to Quicklaw:

Texts available on Quicklaw:

Canadian Collective Bargaining Law: Principles and Practice, 3rd Ed. (Rayner, Rayner, Knight, MacDonald) You can find this by clicking on the Practice Area tab; then click on Labour Law; then click on Labour Law Sources and look for title under Textbooks.

Employment Law in Canada, 4th Ed. You can find this by clicking on the Practice Area tab; then click on Employment Law; then click on Employment Law Sources and look for title under Textbooks.

Thomson Reuters Proview e-looseleafs on Labour & Employment Law

Browse all law titles on Proview or link by individual titles listed below:

Clarke's Canada Industrial Relations Board (Graham J. Clarke)

Discrimination and the Law: including equality rights under the Charter (William Pentney)

Education Labour and Employment Law in Ontario (2nd edition)

The Duty to Accommodate in Employment (Kevin D. MacNeill)

Just Cause: The Law of Summary Dismissal in Canada (Randall Scott Echlin, Matthew L.O.Certosimo)

The Law of Privacy in Canada (Barbara McIsaac, Rick Shields, Kris Klein)

Ontario’s Equity Laws : a Complete Guide to Pay and Employment Equity (Cheryl J. Elliott)

Remedies in Labour, Employment and Human Rights (James Casey, Ayla Akgungor)

Trade Union Law in Canada (Michael Mac Neil, Michael Lynk, Peter Engelmann)

Wrongful Dismissal (David Harris)


(scroll down to page six for basic search techniques)

WestlawNext Canada: University of Toronto Libraries subscribes to a number of databases i.e., LabourSource, EmploymentSource, CrimSource. Some products do not have campus wide access.  Please check with CIRHR Library staff with any questions or problems.

Primary Sources

  • Cases and Decisions
  • Statutes and Regulations
  • Canadian Encyclopedic Digest
  • Articles and Newsletters
  • Texts and Annotations
  • Collective Agreement Summaries
Finding Tools (not in federated search but when searching off-campus many come up full text))
  • Browse Legal Topics
  • Canadian Abridgment Digests
  • Legislative Concordances
  • Forms and Precedents
  • Legislative Watch
  • Words & Phrases
  • Quantum Services
  • Indices
  • Research and Writing Tools
  • Index to Canadian Legal Literature (ICLL)
  • Legal Directories
  • Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation (McGill Guide)
  • Defined Terms (Cases and Legislation)

Ontario e-Laws lets you search and browse official electronic copies of Ontario’s statutes and regulations. New laws are usually published on the site within 2 business days.

Ontario Employment Standards Act

Ontario Human Rights code

Ontario Labour Relations Act

The Ontario Labour Relations Board is an independent, quasi-judicial tribunal mandated to mediate and adjudicate a variety of employment and labour relations-related matters under a number of Ontario statutes.

Ontario Ministry of Labour