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EESD19 Professional Development Seminars in Geoscience

Vector Data


Vector Data is made up of a database of points, lines, and/or polygons that are spatially described using coordinates. These points, lines and polyfgons are used to represent map features. For examples, lines could be representing roads, and polygons could be representing building outlines.  ArcGIS can transform different projections of vector data on the fly.

In the workshop, we explored geospatial data produced by DMTI Spatial


CanMap Parks

CanMap Rail

CanMap Water

Enhanced Points of Interest

You can find all of the DMTI products by searching for "DMTI." 

Other popular datasets mentioned in the workshop: 

Toronto Property Data Maps

Teranet, Ontario Parcel Data

Toronto building heights data 

(consult this guide to find out how to use the Toronto building heights dataset:

If you want to browse our data collection to see if we have geospatial data on a particular topic, we suggest you use the Subject Search and Geography Search.  

Here is a screenshot of the Subject Search: