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RLG308H5 Religion in Medieval Indian History

A guide to support assignments exploring the history and religion of late medieval India during the Vijayanagara Empire c.1336-1565.

Interlibrary Loan at U of T

The University of Toronto borrows material from other libraries throughout the world.

To place your requests use the RACER system.

The video below explains how the system works and includes directions for creating an account.

World Cat

WorldCat is a database to locate the holding of other libraries throughout the world.

You may want to check which library has anitem before requesting it on the RACER system.

Remember it takes longer to borrow from non U of T libraries.

Note: Although some of the University of Toronto holdings are listed in WorldCat many items are not. Searching WorldCat does not replace searching the UTL catalogue for our holdings. You must search both sources.

The video below shows how to search in WorldCat