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Gerstein Science Information Centre

Psychiatry: a Resource Guide for Residents and Researchers

This guide, a collaborative effort between Gerstein and CAMH Library, is designed to serve the staff of the Centre for Addiction & Mental Health (CAMH) and staff and residents of the Department of Psychiatry, University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine.

Comparison of features





EndNote Basic (Web-only)

EndNote Desktop (X8)

Reference Manager


What does it look like?

Video tutorials

Video tour

Video tutorials

Overview video

Video training

Training videos

How much does it cost?

Free while at U of T

Can migrate the account to another insitution

Free and open source Free for everyone Free

Current U of T and UHN Students and Staff with  TCard  or UHN ID may purchase  Single License for personal or departmental use

15% discount off purchase price until 31 Dec 18. 


$90 for U of T community    
How do I get it?

Create or log into account

Group code for off-campus access

Downloads available upon logging in, under Tools menu

Create account


Create account

Download desktop client

Install Web Importer

Install Word plugin: Windows or Mac

Call 1 215 823 1767 or send an email directly to using

discount code LIBRARY.

This discount is not available at the U of T Bookstores or any other Bookstore.

Purchase from UofT Bookstore    
How does it work? 

Web-based interface accessible anywhere


Plugin for Firefox or desktop client which can be linked to Chrome or Safari

Backup & sync via web-based account accessible anywhere

Desktop client (Win / Mac / Linux)

Web-based interface. Register through Web of Science.  Accessible anywhere.

or download the Free software for a 30 day trial - includes all of the features

Desktop client (Win/Mac)

Desktop client (Win)

Will it work on my computer?


RefGrab-It plugin or bookmarklet for IE & Firefox

Write-N-Cite plugin for Word (Win/Mac)


Plugin for Word (Win/Mac), OpenOffice, & LibreOffice (Win/Mac/Linux)


Also works with Google Docs



Web Importer bookmarklet for most browsers


Plugin for Word (Win/Mac) and OpenOffice (Win/Mac/Linux)



Web Capture bookmarklet for most browsers or Firefox add-on


Cite While You Write plugin for Word (Win/Mac)



Cite While You Write plugin for Word (Win/Mac), OpenOffice (Win), & Pages (Mac)


See full system requirements here



Cite While You Write plugin for Word (Win)


See full system requirements here


Can I use it on my mobile device?

RefMobile website (free)

Third party apps for iOS & Android (various prices)

iOS app (free) 

iPad app (Free)

iPad app (Free)


Can I save citations while I browse?

Yes: direct export from many popular databases, manual import using RIS/BiBTeX, or grab citations from some websites using RefGrab-It plugin/bookmarklet 

Yes: browser plugin grabs citations from many popular databases, manual import using RIS/BiBTeX

Yes: grab citations from popular databases using Web Importer

Yes: direct export from some databases, manual import using RIS

Yes: direct export from some databases, manual import using ENL / RIS

Yes: manual import using RIS

Can I search external databases?


Limited: ISBN, DOI, or PMID lookup

No (coming soon)




Can I attach PDFs or other files? Yes Yes: can automatically grab PDFs with citations, can add notes and other attachments, can retrieve citation data for PDFs, can archive web pages Yes: can organize and annotate PDFs, can retrieve citation data for PDFs No Yes: System Find Full Text embeds PDFs to your citations where available. Yes: can attach PDFs and other files    
Can I run a full text search on my account?







What citation styles are available? 3,000+ output styles 2,800+ citation styles (CSL) 2,800+ citation styles (CSL) 3,400+ output styles 5,000+ output styles 1,300+ output styles    

Can I collaborate with others?

Yes: can share folders publicly or privately with RefShare, can share account to collaborate on papers Yes: can share references through public or private group libraries Yes: can share references through public or private groups Yes: can share references privately via groups Yes: share references with or without PDFs. Limited: can export and share reference list, can collaborate with others using "traveling library" feature    

Can I use it after I leave UofT?

Contact UofT's RefWorks admin Christina Tooulias-Santolin for more info

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes    
Where can I find more help?