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INF2102H Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in Libraries

Professional Associations, Listservs and other useful Links

Professional Associations:


  • CARTA-L Listserv 

Description: CARTA-l is the unmonitored discussion forum for Canadian Map, Geographic Information Systems, and Geomatics librarians and archivists, and anyone interested in Canadian cartography, geospatial data and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) issues as they pertain to libraries and archives.

Subscribing: Send an email message to Leave the subject line blank and in the body of your message, add the following line:

subscribe CARTA-l "Firstname Lastname" (Where "Firstname" is your given name and "Lastname" is your surname. Omit the quote marks).

  • GEODATA-l University of Toronto Geospatial Data User Group

University of Toronto GIS User Group Listserv

Members of the University of Toronto community can subscribe to the listserv to receive updates of information or participate in discussions on matters relating to geospatial data, maps, and air photos. To subscribe, send a message with no subject line to In the body of the message, write "subscribe geodata-l firstname lastname".

  • MAPS-L

To subscribe, send mail to LISTSERV@LISTSERV.UGA.EDU with this command (paste it!) in the e-mail message body:  SUBSCRIBE MAPS-L

Useful Websites: