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Research Guides

Canadian statistics

A guide to governmental resources on Canadian statistics prepared by Sam-chin Li, University of Toronto Libraries


Aboriginal peoples (Statistics Canada)

Aboriginal statistics at a glance (Statistics Canada)

Research and Statistics (Indigenous and North Affairs Canada)



Insolvency Statistics in Canada

  • monthly, quarterly and annual statistics from 2008

Business & Marketing


Print Census can be found on the 4th floor of Robarts Library, adjacent to the old Reference desk.

Crime and Justice

Correctional Service Canada

Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics

Criminal Statistics, 1901- 1923 (Sessional Papers Database, University of Toronto)

Economic and Financial

Canadian Economic Observer (1988 - 2012)

  • vital source of current and historical economic statistics
  • data include the national accounts, prices, international and domestic trade, labour and financial markets
  • also includes provincial detail for employment earnings, retail trade, housing and consumer price indexes
  • Online (1998 -2012)
  • Historical Statistics Supplement online: contains historical annual series that correspond to those published in the monthly tables               


Bank of Canada

Economic Accounts (Statistics Canada)

Government Finance

  • Budget (1875+) CA1 FN1, Online (1994): "a blueprint for how the Government wants to set the annual economic agenda of Canada"
  • Estimates, (1872/73+),Online (1872/73-1981) Online (1996/97+): detailed forcast of government spending
  • Public Accounts, (1877/78+) Online (1877/78-1993) Online (1995+): detailed accounting of government spending for the previous year

Corporate Income Tax Rate Database: Canada and the Provinces, 1960 - 2005




Health Canada

Quick Stat (Canadian Institute for Health Information)

Canadian Cancer Statistics (Statistics Canada)

  • 1987+


Housing Market Information Portal (Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation)

Canadian Housing Observer (Canda Mortgage & Housing Corporation)

House Price Survey (Royal LePage)

  • by province and major city and dwelling type

Search under Mortgage and Housing Corporation (as an author) in the UTL catalogue for print publications


Immigration to Canada 1928 - 1971 (Pier 21)

Immigration Statistics, 1956 - 1996

Immigration Statistics 1966 - 1996 (Citizenship and Immigration Canada)

Facts and figures, immigration overview, 1997

Immigration Statistics in the Sessional Papers 1869 - 1882; 1883 - 1894,  1895 - 1901

Administrative History of Immigration (York University)


Find statistics by industry (Industry Canada)



Trade Data Online (Industry Canada)

Imports and Exports (Statistics Canada)