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Canadian statistics


Aboriginal peoples (Statistics Canada)

Aboriginal statistics at a glance (Statistics Canada)

Research and Statistics (Indigenous and North Affairs Canada)


Economic and Financial

Canadian Economic Observer (1988 - 2012)

  • vital source of current and historical economic statistics
  • data include the national accounts, prices, international and domestic trade, labour and financial markets
  • also includes provincial detail for employment earnings, retail trade, housing and consumer price indexes
  • Online (1998 -2012)
  • Historical Statistics Supplement online: contains historical annual series that correspond to those published in the monthly tables               


Bank of Canada

Economic Accounts (Statistics Canada)

Government Finance

  • Budget (1875+) CA! FN1, Online (1994): "a blueprint for how the Government wants to set the annual economic agenda of Canada"
  • Estimates, (1872/73+),Online (1872/73-1981) Online (1996/97+): detailed forcast of government spending
  • Public Accounts, (1877/78+) Online (1877/78-1993) Online (1995+): detailed accounting of government spending for the previous year

Corporate Income Tax Rate Database: Canada and the Provinces, 1960 - 2005



Health Canada

Quick Stat (Canadian Institute for Health Information)

Canadian Cancer Statistics (Statistics Canada)

  • 1987+

Population, Demography and Census

Statistics Canada Digital Collection (Internet Archive): includes Census publications from 1851 - 1996.

Historical census (Data Library) : 1840 -1956

Censuses of Canada (Queens University Library): 1665 - 1871

Censuses (Library and Archives of Canada)

Print/Raster reference maps for Census of Canada (Data Library): 1951+


Trade Data Online (Industry Canada)

Imports and Exports (Statistics Canada)


Business & Marketing


Find statistics by industry (Industry Canada)


Housing Market Information Portal (Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation)

Canadian Housing Observer (Canda Mortgage & Housing Corporation)

House Price Survey (Royal LePage)

  • by province and major city and dwelling type


Immigration to Canada 1928 - 1971 (Pier 21)

Immigration Statistics 1966 - 1996 (Citizenship and Immigration Canada)

Immigration Statistics in the Sessional Papers 1869 - 1882; 1883 - 1894,  1895 - 1901

Administrative History of Immigration (York University)

Crime and Justice

Correctional Service Canada

Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics

Criminal Statistics, 1901- 1923 (Sessional Papers Database, University of Toronto)



Insolvency Statistics in Canada

  • monthly, quarterly and annual statistics from 2008