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Gerstein Science Information Centre

Mentorship / Independent Science Unit (ISU) / Pre-University Guide

This Guide assists students in the Mentorship Program, Pre-University and high school students, particularly those in Grade 12 researching topics in the health sciences, biology, chemistry, earth and space science, and physics.

Library E- Resources

There are a number of e-resources which will only be available to you once you visit our library.

Identifying the "right one" is not always easy.  Remember to ask for HELP.

Public Computers - LIRA

Use of the four stand up and two seated public computers is available by creating a free LIRA account, using a valid Ontario Driver's License of credit card. The account expires at the end of the day, when the Library closes.  There is a 30 minute use restriction only when the computers are in demand.

If you do not have a credit card or valid license, Staff can create an account, only with the following provisions:

  • you must have valid photo ID card with your name on it and
  • you must have a valid email address

Saving Material

  • download to a USB key *** The Library does not sell USB keys ***
  • save and email documents to your email address


15 cents a page with a Visitor's photocopying card only
Ask at a service desk for assistance with printing.
15 cents a page, cash
10 cents a page with a Visitor's photocopying card
Ask at a service desk for assistance with printing.
Making Change and Paying for Printing and Photocopying
There is a change machine in the building, which does go out of service. It is a good idea to bring change.
The coin to card machines do not accept quarters or new loonies and toonies, or the new mylar $5, $10 or $20 bills.
Scanning is free.
Ask at a service desk for assistance with scanning.


About the Library

The Gerstein Science Information Centre is the largest science and health science academic Library in Canada.  You are welcome to use our resources.
This is a self-serve Library where are you are responsible for your own research.  The Staff will assist you and you should feel comfortable asking for help.
We suggest that you read our Rules of Conduct before you visit the Library.

Library Hours

Visit our Library Hours websiteto find out when the Library is open.
Reference Staff are only available from
Monday to Sunday from 12 noon to 6 pm.

Getting Here

Public Transit brings you to the Queen's Park subway station.  Exit on the north-west corner and once outside, refer to the large campus map.  Check the links below to see a map of the campus and get information about paid parking on campus.

Food and Cell Phones

Please observer our "no food" policy and "no cell phone use" policy while in the Library.  Bottled water and beverages with closed secure lids, are allowed in the Library.
There is a cafe in the building and other eateries on campus, which may be open when you visit.

Microsoft Office Tools

All LIRA work stations are equipped with Microsoft Office.

Bank Machine and Lockers

There is a bank machine in the building.
There are no lockers and the Library strongly recommends that those visiting, keep their valuables with them at all times.