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Linguistics: Resources for Graduate Students


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 by Double--M

Welcome to the Graduate Linguistics Research guide! Here you will find a selection of the major reference and research resources available at the University of Toronto.


Other useful online resources:

Working with non-English language material


Languages using a Roman alphabet

  • May require the use of special characters & accents
  • Use alt codes on your keyboard

Languages using a non-Roman alphabet

  • Do not have alt codes for characters
  • Use transliteration tables to search the catalogue using an English keyboard

Change your keyword settings on Robarts Library computers:

  • Scroll down to the blue tool bar at the bottom of the screen
  • Click where it says 'EN'
  • Select another language

If you cannot find your language in the toolbar, click here

Subject Guide

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The Graduate Linguistics LibGuide was created by Nich Worby and Lana Soglasnova