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Sociology of Industrial Relations (IRE1611)

This subject guide is meant to assist students, particularly those enrolled in IRE1611, with research papers and assignments.

High Performance Work Systems - Books available through U of T Libraries


High Performance Workplace Systems - Research Papers and Other Resources

Conference Board of Canada, July 14, 2016: Building a High-Performance Culture: Be Careful What You Wish For (webinar) (UofT students can create a Conference Board of Canada account)
Yanadori, Y. & van Jaarsveld, D. (2014), The Relationships of Informal High Performance Work Practices to Job Satisfaction and Workplace Profitability. Available at SSRN. (34 pages, PDF)
Frick, B., Goetzen, U. & Simmons, R. (2013). The Hidden Costs of High Performance Work Practices: Evidence from a Large German Steel Company. Available at SSRN:
16th ILERA (IIRA) World Congress 2012, Philadelphia, USA 2nd-5th July 2012: Researching Employee Reactions to High Performance Work Systems in the Service Sector:The Role of Organisational Justice Theory, by Margaret Heffernan and Tony Dundon (24 pages, PDF)
Bauer, T. K. (2004). High Performance Workplace Practices and Job Satisfaction: Evidence from Europe. IZA Discussion Paper No. 1265. Available at SSRN. (36 pages, PDF)

High Performance Work Systems - Selected Books in CIRHR Library

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