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Sociology of Work and Organizations (IRE1611)

This subject guide is meant to assist students, particularly those enrolled in IRE1611, with research papers and assignments.

Books - Wal-Mart

Selected Books- Wal-Mart

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Scholarly, Newspaper, Magazine Articles & Reports

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Conference proceedings

Canadian Labour Board Law Conference. (2012). Store Wars: Thinking Outside the Big Box, Testing the Remedial Capacity of Labour Boards. Lancaster House. Request document from CIRHR Library (CIRHR students only).


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Mac Neil, M. (2010). Freedom of association in a free enterprise system: Wal-Mart in jonquière. Canadian Labour and Employment Law Journal, 15(3). Request journal from CIRHR Library.

McCormack, J. (1997). Shopping for a remedy: The Wal-Mart case. Canadian Labour and Employment Law Journal, 5. Request journal from CIRHR Library.

Adams, R. (2005). Organizing labour: The Canadian campaign. Just Labour, 6&7, 1-11.

Other Resources


Greenwald, R., Gilliam, J., Smith, D., Borum, C., Candaele, K., Dantas, L., ... Feeley, S. M. (2005). Wal*Mart: The high cost of low price. New York: Retail Project L.L.C.

Smith, H., Young, R., WGBH (Television station : Boston, Mass.), & PBS Video. (2004). Is Wal-Mart good for America?. Alexandria, Va.: PBS Video.