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IRE1611: Sociology of Work and Organizations

This subject guide is meant to assist students, particularly those enrolled in IRE1611, with research papers and assignments.

Welcome to Sociology of Work and Organizations


This   course   focuses   on   the   intersection   of   recent   sociological   scholarship   on   work   and   organizations, and issues that  are  high  priorities  for  human  resource  managers  and  executives.  Namely, the course addresses three inter-related themes: (1) power and influence in organizations, (2)   misconduct   in   organizations, and (3)   inequality   by   gender, race   and   other   ascribed   characteristics in organizations. Students are introduced to key sociological concepts and theories that address these themes.  Emphasis is given to how  these  analytical  tools  can  help  address  concrete managerial challenges, and thus there is extensive use of cases and other empirical studies of workplaces and organizations.