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Research Guides

Locating research materials: Part II

How to find resources in a particular field, locate theses and dissertations, and search for materials in Cyrillic.

Petro Jacyk Central & East European Resource Centre

Petro Jacyk Central & East European Resource Centre website compiles all the sources for research in East European and Slavic Studies available through UTL and in the Petro Jacyk Resource Centre (PJRC). They include article databases, encyclopedias, dictionaries, research guides, digital archives and databases, special collections, former exhibition presentations and other useful materials.

1. On the web-site home page, find Major resources and click on More databases at the bottom of the column. 


1. Go to Databases and click on Slavic and East European Databases. 

2. Here you can access essential sources for the research in Slavic and East European studies such as the best article databases, encyclopedias, dictionaries, and other reference materials for that topic. For example, if you are doing research in the Slavic literatures, the crucial research database for you is MLA under Article databases. If you are doing research in the Soviet studies, Pravda Digital Archive under Primary sources would be absolutely necessary to get familiar with the Soviet era, its cultural features and historic milestones such as Stalin's speeches or the Communist Party resolutions since Pravda was a major Communist Party newspaper in USSR. Research guides may suggest helpful sources and provide you with useful research tips. 

3. Explore more of the PJRC sources by clicking on Research on the web-site home page (see screen shot in the step #1). In the pop-up window under Collections, you will find various collections available online or in a hard copy in Robarts. Some of collections are absolutely unique such as Special collections are (step #2). 

4. Once you have exhausted your own research strategies and still need more materials, you can ask a librarian to suggest more sources by clicking on Suggest a title and filling out the pop-up form (step #3).  

Finding Subjects Guides

University of Toronto Libraries has a list of Subject Guides, from Aboriginal Studies to Zoology, which list the best resources for the particular subject. To locate these subject guides from the library homepage: 

1. Click on By subjects A-Z, located under Databases.  
2. From there, select your subject area. If you are looking for Slavic and East European Studies, click on the letter in the alphabet menu.

3. Choose a relevant database among other options starting with S. You will be brought to a page that lists the best article databases, encyclopedias, dictionaries, and other reference materials for that topic.

Finding Research Guides

Librarians at the University of Toronto Libraries have compiled Research Guides on subjects ranging from Aboriginal Studies to Zoology. To locate these Research Guides from the library homepage:

1. Go to the Research icon (see screen shot in step #1)

2. In the pop-up window, click on Research Guides  under Tools (step #2). 

3. In the drop-down menu, choose a relevant research guide by typing the first letters of its title or simply scroll down until you find the guide which you are looking for. 

4. Click on Search

5. You will be brought to the page which lists all current research guide on the topic of your interest. To familiarize yourself with the guides, click on the information icon to see its short description, its author, and statistics on how many people visited this guide before you.