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Research Guides


How to search the library catalogue

Start at the library homepage

  • Develop keywords relating to your topic & enter them into the search field
  • Use quotation marks to search words together as a phrase

On the following page, click where it says "View all catalogue records"

To narrow your search results, use some of the "Refine results" options on the left hand side:

  • Scroll down to where it says "Subjects"
  • Click on "View more" to view full list of subject terms
  • Go down the list & try some of the subjects

Reading a catalogue record

1. The number in the first column is the call number. It's found on the spine of the book. The book is organized on the shelf according to this number.

2. The second column tells you which library the book is held in. e.g. Robarts

3. The third column tells you where in the library the book is located e.g. stacks

4. The icon tells you if the book is available.

5. The text next to the  icon is where you click to connect to an online resource. If you are connecting from off campus you will be prompted to enter your UTORid & password.

6. The button allows you to read reviews or the table of contents of a book if they are available.

How to locate a book on the shelf

Most University of Toronto libraries use a system called Library of Congress to organize books on the shelf.

To find your book, you will need to know its call number & which library it can be found in.


How to request a book

If the book you're interested in is listed as N/A...

  1. Check to see if there is another copy at another St. George campus library.
  2. If there is, go get it at that library.
  3. If there is not, you can request it online. Here's how:


Finding course reserves

Start at the library homepage. Hover your cursor over Quick links & select Course reserves

Search for items on your course reserve list by entering your instructor's name, the course code, or the course name.

Click on the reserve item you need. Write down the call number on the far left hand side but also take note of 1) the library and 2) the location of the item within the library e.g. course reserves or stacks.

Robarts Library - 4th Floor - Course Reserves