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Research Guides

Locating research materials: Part I

Tips on searching for books, journals, articles, and e-resources from the Petro Jacyk Resource Centre

Search for an article

If you would like to find articles on your topic, go to the library homepage, and:

1. Click on Articles.

2. Type some keywords in the search box, for example, Federalism in Russia.
3. Click on Search.

4. Once you can see a list of results, you can further filter it by Search Filters, Format, Subjects, Language, and Publication Date. Choose relevant filters in the left column on the page (see screen shot in steps #1-3). You will be able to see all chosen filters in the line above your list of results. 

5. When you finished filtering your list of results, you can access an article of your interest by clicking on its title in the list of results (step #4).

6. You can save the articles you have chosen by clicking on a bar near the function Save. You can see all saved articles if you click on the bar Saved in the upper line on the web-page. That gives you some useful options, such as to e-mail the article citation or export them to your RefWorks (steps #5 and #6). 

7. If there is no online access to the chosen article, search for a hard copy in the UofT library catalogue. For that, you will need to know the journal title and the publication date indicated right below the article title (see screen shot in the red bar).   


OR you can use advanced search to search through articles for two and more specific words. 

1. Go to Articles and click on the Advanced search bar. 

2. Once you are on the Advanced Article Search web-page, you can search by subject, author, publication title etc. If you need a broad search, type in your keywords in separate search bars, for example, federalism and Russia. For each keyword, indicate a relevant search option in the drop-down menu, for example, Subject Terms for both federalism and Russia

3. You can be more specific and interested in only Nationalities Papers publications on federalism in Russia. For that, add a new search row and type in Nationalities Papers choosing Publication title in its drop-down menu. 

4. Click on Search. 

5. As you can see, your list of results contains only articles published in Nationalities Papers. You also can recognize your subject terms federalism and Russia in each publication description. Now you can add other search filters to narrow your list of results if it is too broad. For instance, you are interested in only full online publications on the topic of your research. Choose that option among the Search Filters (see screen shot in step #1) . You can add as many relevant filters as you need. 

6. Once you get your final list of results, you can reach an article of your interest by clicking on its title. This should take you to the web-page which offers an option to download a full pdf copy of your article. 

7. You can also save the articles of your interest by clicking on the empty bar near Save (step #3) . That will allow you to cite all your chosen articles, to e-mail them, or send them to your RefWorks. 



If you want to look in databases related to specific subject matter, the Subjects A-Z section, located in the blue bar below the search box, has a listing of key Slavic and East European Studies databases.

Historical Abstracts and JSTOR are highly recommended databases for research in history. The MLA International Bibliography is highly recommended for research in literature and language.

Searching for an article when you know the citation

If you are looking for the following citation: Grzymala-Busse, A. (2003). Political competition and the politicization of the state in East Central Europe. Comparative Political Sciences, 36 (10). 1123-47, you can use simple search for broad and quick article search:

1. Go to the front catalog page and click on the red word Articles so that the whole Articles tab appears in the red color (see screen shot in step #1)

2. Type the article title in the search bar and click Search (steps #2-3).

3. A list of results will appear. Locate the article you are looking for, and click on the title (step #4). That will get you to the portal with an available pdf copy of your article. Download it from there. If you are off-campus, you will be asked to enter your UTORid and password.


OR you can use advanced search for more targeted article search.

1. Go to Articles and click on the Advanced search bar. 

2. Type in the article's title and the author's name in two separate search bars (see screen shot in steps #2 and #4)  and choose relevant indicators in the drop-down menu (steps #1 and #3). You can also insert information on publication, volume, and issue for the more accurate search (steps # 5-7). Click on Search (step #8). 

OR you can use the specific article finder for the most targeted article search, however, many articles are not available through that way. 

1. Go to Articles and click on Find a specific article

2. Type in the journal title, year, and volume and issue if you know it, and click Look Up

You will be brought to a screen that lists where an electronic copy of the article can be found. Click on Issue. Please note: sometimes the Article Finder will only display 'Volume' or 'Journal Homepage'. You will have to browse within the volume or journal to get to the article.