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Research Guides

Locating research materials: Part I

Tips on searching for books, journals, articles, and e-resources from the Petro Jacyk Resource Centre


Journals are available in print and in full text electronic format. Use the library catalogue to search for both print and electronic journals. Please note that most journals in Slavic and East European studies are in print.

Find a print journal

From the library homepage:

1. Go to Catalogue and click on Journals.

2. Type in the title of a journal, for example, the Ukrainian journal Krytyka.
3. Set the drop down menu to Journal Title.
4. Click on Search.


Find an electronic journal

To find out if a journal is available electronically, you start from the library homepage and do the same as with a regular journal search:

1. Go to Catalogue and click on Journals.
2. Type the journal title in the search box, for example, Canadian Slavonic Papers.
3. Set the drop down menu to Journal Title.
4. Click on Search.

4. From there, you may see a list of different information providers (like CBCA or JSTOR) that have the electronic journal that spans certain years. 

5. Once you are there, you have two options to search. First, you can search by an author within the publication (for exapmle, Serhy Yekelchyk) so that you will see all Yekelchyk's papers published in the Canadian Slavonic Papers since 1991. 

6. Second, you can search the journal depending on a year of publication. For example, if you are looking for an electronic copy of Canadian Slavonic Papers from 1992, click on the span 1991-1999 and browse a specific issue.