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Research Guides

Australia, New Zealand & Pacific Islands Studies

Country profiles & overview information

These resources provide brief background information on current social, political, & economic conditions. Some resources also provide brief histories of countries & territories.

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  • World Factbook, Central Intelligence Agency
  • Country Information & Statistics, Countries & Regions Research Guide, University of Toronto Libraries
  • Data & statistics

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    Map & Data Library Google custom search

    Google Custom Search

    • Search the Map & Data Library's data inventory and website

    Statistical yearbooks

    Searching For government documents in the catalogue

    • If you know the name of the specific document you are looking for, search the library catalogue by title
    • If you only know the name of the specific department responsible for creating the document, enter the name of the department & select 'author' from the drop down menu
    • Include a keyword about the jurisdiction to make sure you are searching within the correct geographic location
    • Note: Names of governmental departments often change. If you are working within a specific historical time period, make sure you have the right name used in the period you are researching

    • For smaller countries, try searching just the country name as an author
    • For older documents, try searching in collections of government documents from the country's former colonial leader


    Alternatively, if you wish to browse what the library has for a specific country, try a call number search using the country's CODOC country code.

    e.g. FJ= Fiji, 1= federal government ∴ FJ1 for Fijian federal government documents

    Find your CODOC country code

    Note: If you are unable to find what you need in our collection, you may try ordering documents through interlibrary loan. The Center for Research Libraries has an extensive collection of foreign government documents that are available to University of Toronto patrons. Search the CRL catalogue

    Search the catalogue

    Foreign government websites

    Intergovernmental organizations

    Note: Library resource icon means resource requires UTORid login when connecting from off campus

    Additional research guides