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Research Guides

Italian Studies

Finding literary works in the catalogue

Start at the library homepage

  • Enter the title in the search field
  • For longer titles, place the title in quotation marks (" ") to search all of the words together as a phrase
  • Follow title with the author's last name

  • On the following page, select 'View all catalogue records"

For more popular works, you may have to sort through books of commentary & criticism in the search results before you get to the actual literary work.

To help narrow your search to the actual literary work:

  • From the library hompeage, click on the red 'Catalogue' tab.
  • Select 'Advanced search'
  • Enter the name of the work in the top field & select title from the drop down menu to the right. Omit accents.
  • Enter the name of the author in the second field and select personal authors from the drop down menu to the right

Note: For poems & short stories, search by the title of the collection of poetry or short stories. This may require some further research.

Choose your language

Use the 'Refine results' options on the left hand side of the search results page. Scroll down to the yellow Language tab on the left. Click the + sign on the right to expand the list. Click 'View more' to see all the languages appearing in your results.

Find ebooks

To limit your results to ebooks, click on the green number at the top of the search results page.

Reading a catalogue record

1. The number in the first column is the call number. It's found on the spine of the book & the book is organized on the shelf according to this number.

2. The second column tells you which library the book is held in. e.g. Robarts

3. The third column tells you where in the library the book is located e.g. Stacks

4. The icon tells you if the book is available or signed out.

5. The blue text beside the icon is where you click to connect to an online resource. If you are connecting from off campus you will be prompted to enter your UTORid & password.

6. The button allows you to read reviews or the table of contents of a book if they are available.

Important catalogues from other institutions

Interlibrary Loan

Borrow books & articles from other institutions by placing an interlibrary loan. 

To request an interlibrary loan, start by registering for RACER.

Once you have registered & logged in, click where it says 'Blank request form' on the far left of the screen. Fill out as many details as you have & submit.