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CHMC47: Bio-Organic Chemistry

A guide to assist UTSC students in this course find and use library resources needed to complete their literature searching assignment.

What type of information source do I need?

The course textbook is in the course reserves section of the library.

Other books: search the library catalog (instructions further down this page).

The CRC Handbook is an excellent source of information for many chemical properties, including many physical and chemical properties.

Journal articles on a particular subject or topic? You have a couple of choices:

1. If you need information published in chemistry journals or need to search by chemical structure:

2. If you are interested in information from several different sciences (interdisciplinary sources of information):

A specific journal article:

The University of Toronto pays for access to a huge variety of online resources - including tens of thousands of journal titles.  As a UofT student you should never have to pay for a journal article.  If you are asked to pay try one of the following methods.  If none of these methods work contact your librarian (contact information at the left).

There are different ways to find a specific article. If you found the article using one of the above sources look for the button, the "full text" option, or "download PDF" button - this can be called many other things.

If you found the article from a works cited or reference list try:

Finding books with the library catalogue

Try a "Simple Search" of the Library Catalogue here.

Use the "anywhere" option if you have some keywords on a topic you need information about. You can also use the drop down menu to select other search options.

 Advanced Search