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Peer Review

This guide gives general information on the peer review process, including how to determine if a journal publishes peer reviewed articles.

Key references

  • Firlik KS, Firlik AD. The peer-review process of the Journal of Neurosurgery. J Neurosurg. 1999 Feb; 90(2):364-370.    Description of the peer review process as used at the Journal of Neurosurgery.
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  • Godlee F, Jefferson T, editors. Peer review in health sciences   2nd ed. London: BMJ Books; 2003. "The aims of this book are threefold: First, to give readers a general idea of what peer review is, how it developed, and what are its known effects and defects. Secondly, we hope to furnish the reader with a practical guide on how to review manuscripts and grant applications and how to avoid obvious and not so obvious pitfalls. Finally we look to the future, to ways of improving the current system and to possible alternatives to it."  24 thorough chapters.  Currently available in paper format at Gerstein Science Information Centre stacks collection R 852 .P44 2003.